[Optics] Vortex OPMOD (FDE) Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm LPVO – $229.99

[Optics] Vortex OPMOD (FDE) Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm LPVO – $229.99


[Optics] Vortex OPMOD (FDE) Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm LPVO – $229.99

17 reviews for [Optics] Vortex OPMOD (FDE) Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm LPVO – $229.99

  1. SpaceyKC92

    Razor at home

  2. tubadude2

    Will I hate this compared to my Razor 1-6 and Viper PSTs?

  3. ETChunter95

    Damn… Got the $250 deal from Focus Camera a couple weeks ago. Would have preferred FDE.

  4. Package_Objective

    Just picked up the black version with mount included at Focus Camara for $250 FREE SHIPPING WITH CODE “EAGLE” at checkout, this fde version is a super good deal if you are looking for this color or have a mount already!


  5. KimJongMakeEmSayUn


    * Free shipping
    * The “OPMOD” here is just a fancy color (FDE)
    * OP considers this a “killer deal” so coupons won’t work (e.g. ‘*Your Killer Deal price is already discounted to the max!*’)

  6. Excellent-Event-387

    So is this gen I or gen II?

  7. ilikepie145

    Do I get this or wait for a Burris RT6? I’m doing an fde build

  8. JunkbaII

    The FDE shade is much more green than any other I’ve seen

  9. ToughStrain

    Is the viper PST really worth 3x this? I don’t know, man. Juggling paying this or an RT6….. vs paying like $600+ for a viper PST, triji accupoint, etc.

    It’s for a 13.7 URG-I build. This is tempting. I’ll never pay over a grand for a razor that’s for sure.

  10. Mr_Anderson686

    Anyone have both/compared this to a SwampFox Arrowhead 1-6? I literally would swap just for the fde goodness…

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  12. Myzz11b

    Got one to upgrade from my gen1 version

  13. AZflipboi

    damn! $60 for shipping & Tax to AZ – shipping alone is &46 for a scope!!?? Paaaaassssssss

  14. AZflipboi

    When I add my shipping address it has the shipping cost – I even tried as a guest and still says shipping is $46 and some change – is there a code?

  15. rowrin

    Was going to pass, but the second focal plane sold it for me. Rip wallet.

  16. TheMxPenguin

    If only this was 1-8

  17. Surfs_The_Box

    Fuck optics planet man.

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