[Optics] Troy HK Style Fixed Front Sight FDE $37

[Optics] Troy HK Style Fixed Front Sight FDE $37


[Optics] Troy HK Style Fixed Front Sight FDE $37

9 reviews for [Optics] Troy HK Style Fixed Front Sight FDE $37

  1. zombot4

    10/10 the heads of unarmed women look very good over this front sight post

  2. gotnoaero

    I’m just here for the Fuck Troy posts. Doing well so far boys. Carry on

    Also, RIP Vicki Weaver

  3. Tim_the_terrible

    adjustable for minute-of-woman-carrying-baby

  4. PrettySureIParty

    Fuck Troy.

  5. Particular_Wasabi663

    Troy? Optics Planet? Is this a RickRoll? What is even real anymore??
    Whatever Troy can do, MI can do better.

  6. Beanye

    These look very similar to midwest industries fixed front sight

  7. Tardviking

    obligatory fuck troy

  8. mrpalmtrees

    HK stands for Her Killer style. I would use a front sight made of legos before I’d use this. Fuck Troy.

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