[Optics] Trijicon TA11H-G at Midwayusa – $939.88 + Tax and Free Shipping

[Optics] Trijicon TA11H-G at Midwayusa – $939.88 + Tax and Free Shipping


[Optics] Trijicon TA11H-G at Midwayusa – $939.88 + Tax and Free Shipping

8 reviews for [Optics] Trijicon TA11H-G at Midwayusa – $939.88 + Tax and Free Shipping

  1. ThrottleAbuse

    My first post here. They have a few other models marked clearance also. Hadnt seen a better deal on here in a long time.

  2. OutHereTrappin

    I’m an ACOG noob, what reticle/model is generally regarded as the best for a 5.56 rifle?

  3. mPisi

    Schuyler’s deal posted today is a bit cheaper for the TA11MGO-M249 or the TA11H-308G for 308 BDC. $800 or $825, and Schuyler is no tax for me.

  4. TonkaButt

    The .308 model is very tempting

  5. Duuuuuuuuuval

    Damn if I didn’t just buy an MCX, I’d be all over this to replace my Vortex Razor on my Scar 17.

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  7. Pew_Jackman

    If by the the grace of God I end up with a Mini Fix, would it be sensible to run this rig?

  8. aspergagus__

    I run this on a 14.5″ Colt FSP upper. Great optic, didn’t need much adjustment to zero with M855. Very comfortable compared to the TA31, but it is huge and looks a little awkward. Probably going to end up putting it on my M4 Block II without the FSP since it looks better on that one.

    This is very similar to the TA11SDO-CP that the USMC fields on the M27, same horseshoe reticle even, but the SDO is designed for the 249 and has a slightly different BDC, also comes with the dual-illuminated RMR.

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