[Optics] Trijicon Sale – Rmrs/ACOGS – Starting at $325/800

[Optics] Trijicon Sale – Rmrs/ACOGS – Starting at $325/800


[Optics] Trijicon Sale – Rmrs/ACOGS – Starting at $325/800

35 reviews for [Optics] Trijicon Sale – Rmrs/ACOGS – Starting at $325/800

  1. Eastern-Swim-985

    o god o fuck

  2. GunsandTrucksTX

    Can someone educate me on the value of the 9-13 MOA dots? Are these sizes more meant for offset red dots with LPVOs/ACOGs?

    And is duel fuel better?

  3. chrisschuyler


    |Trijicon RMR Matte Finish – Dual Illumination – 13 MOA – Amber Dot|$325|[link](https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/october-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/trijicon-rmr-matte-finish-dual-illumination-13-moa-amber-dot-3795654)|
    |Trijicon, RMR Dual Illuminated – 9 MOA – Amber Dot, Black|$325|[link](https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/october-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/trijicon-rmr-dual-illuminated-reflex-sight-9-moa-amber-dot-black-3799587)|
    |TRIJICON ACOG 3.5X35 GRN HS TA|$800|[link](https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/october-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/trijicon-acog-35×35-bac-riflescope-mgo-3795662)|
    |Trijicon 3×30 ACOG Green Crosshair 300BLK 115/220gr|$800|[link](https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/october-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/trijicon-3×30-acog-green-crosshair-300blk-115220gr-3797850)|
    |Trijicon, ACOG Rifle Scope, 3X30, High Red Crosshair 300BLK,with TA60 Mount, Matte Finish|$800|[link](https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/october-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/trijicon-acog-rifle-scope-3×30-high-red-crosshair-300blkwith-ta60-mount-matte-finish-3797853)|
    |Trijicon ACOG Rifle Scope 4X 32 Amber Crosshair .223 Reticle, Center Illuminated, w/BUIS & TA51 Mount-CK-FDE, Dark Eart|$850|[link](https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/october-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/trijicon-acog-4×32-scope-with-ta51-mount-ck-fde-tritium-only-center-illuminated-amber-crosshair-3795655)|
    |Trijicon TRTA02 ACOG 4×32 LED Riflescope – .223 / 5.56 BDC – TA51 mount|$900|[link](https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/october-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/trijicon-acog-4×32-led-riflescope-223-556-bdc-ta51-mount-3795665)|
    |Trijicon ACOG TA11H-308 3.5X 35 Green Horseshoe .308 Matte With TA51 Mount TA11H-308G|$925|[link](https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/october-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/trijicon-acog-rifle-scope-35x-35-green-horseshoe-308-matte-with-ta51-mount-ta11h-308g-3797165)|

  4. stevethetank

    Damn you Chris. You got in my pockets again.

  5. spudd4242

    Received my RMRcc today in the mail, awesome seller and great shipping but I think we all know that already

  6. joseph-1998-XO

    Fuck man I hate when there are actual deals that are very tempting

  7. tommyc710

    What is the proper acog for a m16a4

  8. idrankthebleach

    Good ass dealer and some good ass prices. Waiting on a commission check or would instant cop a 13moa.

  9. Dogsport1

    I’d prefer to have an FDE RMR but at this price I can settle for black. Anyone that is more versed on the RMR, what designates some as “type 2” and does it even matter?

  10. big_daddy_kane1

    $800 for ACOG green reticle good deal?

  11. Butter_crap

    Can someone educate me on the difference between these rmrs and an rmr type 2?

  12. DLovesSports

    Damn you gundeals. I wasn’t expecting this purchase today.

  13. RollickReload

    I’m glad the Tritium RMRs have a “battery conservation mode”! (Per the description) – Real question though: how long does the tritium last? The battery versions last 4 years on one battery. – If tritium dims to unusable levels, does it cost as much as a new red dot to get Trijicon to replace it?

  14. septic_sergeant

    Is the dual illumination as bad as people say?

  15. redclaw05

    I just want a regular rmr

  16. Thisismyfinalstand

    I’m ignorant and poor. Is there a 4x~ acog I can buy and move back and forth between my 7.62×39 AK and my 5.56 AR? Or are they all reticle specific due to differing ballistics?

    Askin here cuz Schuyler is one of the best dealers on this subreddit.

  17. txjweav96

    Got any of them green dot rmrs??

  18. BenderVsGossamer

    The dual illumination RMR in amber intrigues me. I would love to see one in person before jumping on one.

  19. _hollingsworth

    Really good price for that ta-11 and solid reticle too!

  20. esajz24

    Riiii need SRO

  21. tle5280

    Welp, it’s almost payday. Thank you Chris, in for a RMRcc

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    I dont need it, i dont need it, i dont need it, dammit chris. Good thing my slide isnt cut lol.

  24. Mamono29a

    Which of these scopes would be a good one for mule deer (and possibly elk) hunting on a .308 AR10? (And not break the piggy bank.)

  25. Lego1199

    I’ve been thinking about a pistol dot, are these BIN prices for Trijicon?

  26. FlashAndPoof

    Whew… the LED acog is 4x and not 3x and has the wrong reticle. Almost had to buy one lol

  27. cradled

    Chris, do you have any FDE RMR’s coming this way at that price?

  28. Ben__34

    Damn if the green triangle was 325 I wouldn’t be able to resist…

  29. nbdsv96

    Which one of the two acogs listed would be best for a Colt AR-15 A2 Sporter II with a carry handle? Thanks.

  30. NZia

    Can you guys put up a regular RMR 3.25 please 🙂

  31. Vikingsqurrel11

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the Accupoint for $550? That looks like an amazing deal. It’s not even in the comment listing.

  32. ghoulgang_

    I don’t need an rmr, I don’t need an rmr…..

  33. rashondala

    I ordered an RMR from you guys about a week ago. Haven’t ever received a shipping confirmation. Just wondering if that’s something you guys send out, or if I’ll just find it at my front door in a bit.

  34. I3igJerm

    I’m looking at the rmr reflex 9 moa. In the picture, it doesn’t show a picatinny rail mount. Does this item come with a mount?

  35. Shiftaspeed

    Snagged an FDE. Thanks!

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