[Optics] Trijicon RMR HRS 3.25moa $460.00

[Optics] Trijicon RMR HRS 3.25moa $460.00


[Optics] Trijicon RMR HRS 3.25moa $460.00

8 reviews for [Optics] Trijicon RMR HRS 3.25moa $460.00

  1. ObiWongKenobi

    Great price. Pretty much dealer cost.

  2. Mako1313

    Okay, weird question, but I was watching a Sage Dynamics video and he off handed mentioned some kind of durability issue with the cerakoted RMRs. Is that true?

  3. malynn11

    Sheesh BIN price


    508t for sub 300…

    If you don’t have a equipment policy to adhere to, 508 or 509 for sure

  5. NeedF0rS1eep

    Legit company?

  6. forumpw123

    Any ETA on the black RMRs coming back in stock?

  7. TheLitCaboose


  8. 50StarAR

    If your looking for Trijicon RMR type 2 3.35 MOA black. Non-Adjustable we have them in stock.

    [Trijicon RMR ](https://50starar.com/product/trijicon-rmr-type-2-3-25-moa-black-matte-finish/)

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