[OPTICS] Sig Sauer Romeo5 XDR Red Dot AAA – $149.99 + Tax, Free 2-day shipping (no code)

[OPTICS] Sig Sauer Romeo5 XDR Red Dot AAA – $149.99 + Tax, Free 2-day shipping (no code)


[OPTICS] Sig Sauer Romeo5 XDR Red Dot AAA – $149.99 + Tax, Free 2-day shipping (no code)

15 reviews for [OPTICS] Sig Sauer Romeo5 XDR Red Dot AAA – $149.99 + Tax, Free 2-day shipping (no code)

  1. YooserNahme

    This is an excellent Red Dot I have two, red circle version and the green triangle predator version

  2. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    This and a couple packs of Energizer lithium AAA’s will get you a quarter of a century through the apocalypse, by which point you should be well on your way to making your own carbon-zinc dry cells in 3d printed cases using old nails, weed whacker string and charcoal.

  3. Mehlitia

    Reviews as recent as this week indicate it IS the circle dot model.

  4. AlarmingBandicoot

    This is the XDR version: 2 MOA red dot + 65 MOA circle. AAA battery.

  5. spritecranberry13

    Have had a green XDR for a few years and the AAA battery is pretty convenient

  6. Thumper-HumpHer

    Fuck me why did I open gundeals tonight, my wallet is quite empty now

  7. true2ku

    Solid deal to get that beautiful 65 moa circle and AAA battery

  8. whetherman013

    Is there a quality T2 mount that would take this to 1/3 cowitness or 1.93″ given the battery compartment design?

  9. StuxnetKaos

    I’m guessing this won’t cowitness the Scorpion’s iron sights

  10. mindyabisnuss

    I just bought this exact sight 2 months ago for 179 from Midway. And I scraped everywhere on the internet for it. This is the best price you’ll see. I wasn’t convinced at the time this was the circle dot reticle other wise I would have went with this deal. So far so good and I love the common battery.

  11. BunnyMoeLester

    Romeo 5s suck I have the xdr green triangle one and its not that great.

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  13. buckGR

    So this only does absolute?

  14. AlarmingBandicoot

    Can confirm I received this <48 hours after placing the order.

  15. Pizzazazazazaza

    Need one of these for the war

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