[Optics] Sig Sauer Romeo5 High & Low mounts $97.64 (or High mount only $92.07) + free shipping w/ code: ACTIVATE

[Optics] Sig Sauer Romeo5 High & Low mounts $97.64 (or High mount only $92.07) + free shipping w/ code: ACTIVATE


[Optics] Sig Sauer Romeo5 High & Low mounts $97.64 (or High mount only $92.07) + free shipping w/ code: ACTIVATE

27 reviews for [Optics] Sig Sauer Romeo5 High & Low mounts $97.64 (or High mount only $92.07) + free shipping w/ code: ACTIVATE

  1. IWillBuildAGreatWall

    Looking for a first red dot, would this be a good choice?

  2. Freedom-Forever


  3. ChongLi77

    These are solid red dots. I have a couple sitting in guns while I decide which Primary Arms BDC I’ll never use to range a target with.

  4. chuckisduck

    did the price just change to 120, was putting in shipping info.

  5. ShaqsAdoptedUncle

    To all you folks out there with shit fuck sightmarks and stuff get this now, no excuses. An to all yall wanting to get into optics with a budget, get this now, no excuses.

  6. there_is-no-spoon

    I’m waiting for Bereli to pay me for these things

  7. Gunfighter73

    Grabbed on to mount on a new charger build. Thanks OP 7% saves me the theft as I am in FL.

  8. Chandler2873

    Just grabbed one for my CZ Scorpion pistol. Cant beat under $100 shipped for a Sig optic. Thanks OP!

  9. TheCat0115

    How ridiculous or feasible would one of these be on a Taurus TX22 Competition?

  10. alexmg2420

    [SOR50001 if you want just the high mount.](https://www.bereli.com/sig-sauer-sor50001-romeo5-1x20mm-compact-2-moa-red-dot-sight-high-mount-only/)

    They do charge tax in Florida, but it’s still the best deal I think I’ve seen on the high + low mount version.

    Also it should be noted that code ACTIVATE is good for 7% off site-wide.

  11. a_sick_moose

    Had mine for two years or so, haven’t had to change my battery to yet! Shoot once a month tho 😞

  12. TaurusPTPew

    The website says $104.99 in big red numbers. The 48% off a regular price of $199.99 is hyperbole. Even Academy Sports’ regular price is $149.99…

  13. Aerofirefighter

    Got 1 at the 97, but went to buy another and seems as if they raised the price to 120

  14. atlamarksman

    I’m not seeing $97. The code gives me free shipping but it’s still $111 for me.

  15. kasukeo

    $119 now even with the coupon… no deal. This was $109 from the same vendor a few months ago – with both high and low mount. High mount only version can be typically found for $99.

  16. TaurusPTPew

    They raised the price. Now it’s base price is $119.99 (40% off $199.99) and the code Activate gives $8.40 off for a total of $111.59 before tax. I hesitated because I was at the doctor’s office. I shouldn’t have done that.

  17. The-Big-Eazy

    Is this a legit site? Haven’t used or seen it before

  18. whk1992

    Has anyone had their Romeo5 died on them?

  19. Smeltrubble

    Perfect timing thanks!

  20. Beginning-Back7258

    Anybody know what sigs warranty is like on their optics without me going and looking for myself?

  21. ABrotherGrimm

    In for one. I know I’ll probably get shit on, but my old plinker .22, shamefully, has a sightmark on it. I know, I know, but I got it before I knew any better. Thanks for the link, OP. I’ve been waiting for a sale for an upgrade.

  22. C_Does

    [Great lil red dot, great price for both mounts!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLkk5t_FbQk&t)

  23. Radioactiveglowup

    That feeling when Romeo 5s cost less than your front irons.

  24. dircs

    Usually coupons don’t work on the romeo5, that’s a rocking deal.

  25. distortionwarrior

    Which is better for a 10/22 takedown? High or low mount?

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  27. imfromtheburgh

    Got a couple. Thanks, OP.

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