[OPTICS] Sig Romeo Zero 6 MOA RDS $99.99+free ship

[OPTICS] Sig Romeo Zero 6 MOA RDS $99.99+free ship


[OPTICS] Sig Romeo Zero 6 MOA RDS $99.99+free ship

10 reviews for [OPTICS] Sig Romeo Zero 6 MOA RDS $99.99+free ship

  1. shadowblade232

    Honestly at this price, you may as well try out Bushnell’s new RXS-100 which is actually aluminum framed with a glass lens.

  2. BrambleVale3

    Just think of all of the ammo that this optic has wasted with people trying to zero it.

  3. MrStiffy

    Got one for 30$ and I still payed to much. Just save for something better like 507k


    I would not take this optic if it was free

  5. ems2doc

    That’s $99.99 more than this optic is worth

  6. SpiritDCRed

    You can get 407K’s for $175 at lead-steel. That’s a 69,000% increase in quality for a 75% increase in price.

  7. spyderscales

    Had one, its kinda sucks. Dumped it for a holosun 507k and never looked back.

  8. marcelolopezjr

    I guess I might be the only person here who zero’d his R0 without spending a round and has had it work with 500+ rounds so far and battery is still kicking it.

    And …I’m not running with the shroud. This is meant for EDC carry not “in country” patrols.

  9. boataccident

    People are going to stop posting Sig optics with all the consistent hate. ( I don’t run any though hehe)

  10. ATF_Officer

    Can this fit on a 19.5 MOS?

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