[OPTICS] RMR RM06 $429.99 + Ship

[OPTICS] RMR RM06 $429.99 + Ship


[OPTICS] RMR RM06 $429.99 + Ship

7 reviews for [OPTICS] RMR RM06 $429.99 + Ship

  1. Rlima22

    I need this in FDE!

  2. imsmallandquick

    Can I buy 2?

  3. MattyGoGuns

    This would be cooler if I hadn’t bought one yesterday…

  4. innerpeice

    i know nothing if these. are they good?

  5. CorporalD

    Is this an adjustable version?
    Edit: the pic appears to be but I didn’t see any reference to that fact in the description

  6. [deleted]


  7. jaymassinello

    This a BIN?

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