[Optics] PS90 Fixed Mount Vortex Razor Red Dot Bundle $400

[Optics] PS90 Fixed Mount Vortex Razor Red Dot Bundle $400


[Optics] PS90 Fixed Mount Vortex Razor Red Dot Bundle $400

8 reviews for [Optics] PS90 Fixed Mount Vortex Razor Red Dot Bundle $400

  1. 2MGR

    The Design Machine mount is the one you want for your PS90 to put a red dot at a reasonable height over the bore. Note that they make different mounts with different footprints depending on which optic you want to run, so it isn’t one size fits all. But if you want to run a Vortex Razor red dot, that costs $400, so you’re getting the $130 mount for free.

    You can also get a [Vortex Crossfire bundle](https://dmachineri.com/collections/scope-mounts/products/ps-90-aimpoint-t-1-vortex-sparc-ll-romeo-5?variant=23496313798720) for $250 if you don’t like the open dot on a carbine.

  2. KingJak117

    Can you remove the factory ring sight to install this?

  3. EMTPirate

    I got the Aimpoint footprint version. Fit perfectly into my PS90, looks great, better height

  4. Gatecrasher

    There is an mini-ACOG mount too if you want to run a PA microprism or GLx 2x magnifier (or mini-ACOG). It’s also a fair bit cheaper.

    * https://trosusa.com/ps90-accessories/

    Downsides: no web ordering, old fashioned check-in-mail or Zelle.


    Solid vendor I’ve bought a few things for my P90 from them

  6. sheepsleepdeep

    So I just take my factory rail off and attach these?

  7. superkuper

    This is what I would put on my PS90…
    …IF I HAD ONE!!!

  8. screamingchicken579

    I bought a MRO mount from Design Machine and I love it. This would be an easy choice for me if I needed another.

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