[Optics] Primary Arms Micro Red Dot + Mount (BLK/FDE) – $130 Shipped

[Optics] Primary Arms Micro Red Dot + Mount (BLK/FDE) – $130 Shipped


[Optics] Primary Arms Micro Red Dot + Mount (BLK/FDE) – $130 Shipped

8 reviews for [Optics] Primary Arms Micro Red Dot + Mount (BLK/FDE) – $130 Shipped

  1. Lon3Wo1f

    Any updates on your holo sight?

  2. 1615311520191144

    50k hour battery life. Love these.

  3. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    How do these compare to something like a Holosun 403/503 or a Romeo 5?

  4. Lead-Steel

    Howdy bubbies. Got some of the traditional T1 profile red dots plus lower 1/3rd mounts. These are lightweight, basic, and work surprisingly well. Had one of these on an AK103 ultimak rail for years and got it cooking with absolutely zero issues.

    More cool stuff in stock:

    [Blemished Geissele Products](https://lead-steel.com/brands/geissele-automatics)

    [$600 Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x + Happy Meal](https://lead-steel.com/vortex-pst-gen-ii-mrad-lead-steel-happy-meal-free-lbus-mount/)

    [$480 PA 1-8x Griffin MIL or ACSS Raptor LPVO + Happy Meal](https://lead-steel.com/primary-arms-slx-1-8x24ffp-rifle-scope-illuminated-acss-raptor-5-56-5-45-308/)

    [$370 Burris RT-6 + Happy Meal ](https://lead-steel.com/burris-optics-rt-6-riflescope-1-6x24mm-ballistic-ar-5x-reticle-free-happy-meal-promo/)

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  6. alan_erickson

    I have an astigmatism and have used a Romeo5 without getting a whole lot of star burst from the red dot, but was thinking of giving a HS403B a shot to see if it would be any better. Anyone know how the Primary Arms would stack up to those two for those of us who have an astigmatism?

  7. dircs

    Seller has awesome stickers.

    Should I be sad that I got two romeo 5s for $30 less before seeing this deal?

  8. Bambinorino

    Damn i like that viper deal, any plans for something similar around black friday? 👀

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