[Optics] Primary Arms GLx 2X Prism with L&S Furniture Set Combo – $370 Shipped

[Optics] Primary Arms GLx 2X Prism with L&S Furniture Set Combo – $370 Shipped


[Optics] Primary Arms GLx 2X Prism with L&S Furniture Set Combo – $370 Shipped

6 reviews for [Optics] Primary Arms GLx 2X Prism with L&S Furniture Set Combo – $370 Shipped

  1. TheBlindCat

    I just mounted GLX 2x on my WWSD setup, though I’m running an BA Hanson barrel with DA KeyMo flash hider and suppressor. Had it out to the range shooting out to 300 yards. Did some close on shooting at 10 yards too. I could shoot it both eyes open at close range, felt pretty good.

    Off the bench with 55 grain wolf gold it let me keep about a 8” group (at 300 yards), BDC was close enough, probably pretty dang on since I think this is calibrated for meters instead of yards.

    I have it mounted on a Midwest Industries Mini ACOG QD mount.

    I wish the BDC was lit, only the horseshoe and chevron is illuminated which I imagine would less than ideal at 400-600 yards though I doubt is something I’ll ever do with an AR anyway.

  2. M16iata

    Nice little bundle

    If I wasn’t Christmas broke I’d be all over this

    ^This ^is ^not ^the ^gundeals ^way

  3. LeadAndSteel

    Wassup sexies. Site wide promo on all Primary Arms optics. Any prism or LPVO will come with a Ghost stock and Banshee grip, LBUS, and 30mm mount if applicable.

    Good value if you need to outfit your carbine!

    Also we have:

    [VG6 CAGE combos for $85](https://lead-steel.com/vg6-epsilon-cage-combo-99-00/)

    [DLC Blem BCGs for $110](https://lead-steel.com/dlc-bcg-blem/)

    [Geissele Charging Handles starting at $80](https://lead-steel.com/brands/geissele-automatics)

    [L&S Lower Build Kits for $125 (7075 tubes)](https://lead-steel.com/premium-ar-15-complete-lower-build-kit/)

    And of course the other Primary Arms Optics here: https://lead-steel.com/optics/

    Thanks guys. Be safe and watch the sub r/LeadAndSteel for product updates and reviews. Next week is a big delayed sub gun comparison (MP5, B&T APC9, SP9A3, and CMMG Banshee)

  4. ek1995

    Stop posting the stuff I really want that comes with other stuff after I’ve already bought a ton of other stuff I want 🙄

  5. Goodma27

    This will look good on my M1 Garland korean war clone 🙂

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