[Optics] Magpul MBUS Pro Front/Rear ($56/$69*nice*) in cart

[Optics] Magpul MBUS Pro Front/Rear ($56/$69*nice*) in cart


[Optics] Magpul MBUS Pro Front/Rear ($56/$69*nice*) in cart

33 reviews for [Optics] Magpul MBUS Pro Front/Rear ($56/$69*nice*) in cart

  1. DJHardCokc

    use code: “facebook” for $5 off order

  2. DrLongIsland

    Honestly, for the price, the mbus pro really are the best backup sights out there. They’re my go to on a build and are very nice and easy to use.
    I have a set of Geiselle and why they look nice and have a better first impression, once you start using them you realize how unnecessarily complicated they are.

  3. jth101

    Just ordered, thanks
    $128 shipped to FL with code “facebook”

  4. Carterhatch

    Nice, in for both thanks

  5. Pile_of_Walthers

    $83.34 after TX tax and cheapest shipping option.

  6. AlmostHonestAbe

    [MBUS Pro Rear – $69 *nice* – in cart](https://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=18110)

    Edit: Rear is OOS

    Edit edit: Thanks for the award!

    Edit edit edit: Thanks for the awards!

  7. tgrimm937


  8. steelshinessilver


  9. myturn19


  10. Yellow-5

    I’m excited for their polymer ones to come out

  11. _dis0bey


  12. Bingo_9991


  13. Radioactiveafro


  14. Griffinhart

    Oh nice, they have the LR sights too! Been hunting for one of those…

  15. aaron12153

    In for a set thanks!

  16. LowValueAviator


  17. wynevans


  18. AlarmedTechnician


  19. danf_916


  20. keymodneverdies


  21. JackKnoff69


  22. gumby36psi


  23. Oatmeal_Lord


  24. Sneaky-Beaky-Ninja

    So I’m going to be ordering a rail soon with a 12 o clock mlok rail. Any ideas on how I can run backup irons?

  25. GTFOScience

    I know COVID made prices crazy but isn’t the ‘buy it now price’ $100 for the pair?

    Maybe this is the going rate now, just wondering if anyone has seen the pair for $100 in a while? Wasn’t an uncommon sale prior to the rona.

  26. sirhc0991

    Super nice

  27. radio3030

    Rear is oos

  28. xtremejuuuuch

    Rear oos bummer. Daniel defense fixed front sight and mbus pro rear flip up is a good combo.

  29. SkyeAuroline

    And here I just got the regular ones off sale a week or so ago. I knew I should have waited.

  30. SirLordWombat

    Just a heads up, the offset is also on sale and I regret buying reg mbus now. Payed about the same for FDE regular ones.

    [I would if I didn’t have FDE MBUS](https://i.imgur.com/wTDqqHf.jpg)

  31. Clifton1979


  32. Clifton1979


  33. caskate

    Rear was sold out, absolutely wack

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