[Optics] Holosun HS512C Red Dot – $359.99

[Optics] Holosun HS512C Red Dot – $359.99


[Optics] Holosun HS512C Red Dot – $359.99

12 reviews for [Optics] Holosun HS512C Red Dot – $359.99

  1. Poor__cow

    Wtf these are unobtanium. Buy now if you’re even considering.

  2. UgliestCookie

    Not being a hater, but if the battery lasts for 5 years and you’ve got backup solar, why bother engineering such a relatively complex toolless design into the side? It admittedly looks neat though. In fact, the whole body of this thing looks neat, which is saying something considering its basically shaped like a tactical mailbox.

  3. the_Legi0n

    I dmed holosun about how hard these are to find, they expect more to hit the US this fall/winter.

    Great optic, basically a 510c with an enclosed reticle

  4. illhaveanotherplease


  5. Havokk

    This or the aimpoint compm5

  6. Spawn_Beacon

    How durable are these compared to a HS515/HS530?

    Any videos of sage dynamics beating the shit out of one like he’s trying to set the death donut free of it’s aluminum cage?

  7. Jooo0

    Thought I was gonna be watching a stream or something lmao

  8. August0Pin0Chet

    Really love this on my BCM home defense set up, yes you read that right my BCM setup.


    I have fucked up eyes with a big ole astigmatism. Normal red dots mostly look “OK” with my glasses that correct for it, this reticle is hands down “video game screen” clear.

    The BIG difference, WITHOUT my glasses the reticle is still usable, red dots and holos without my glasses are totally unusable besides being a roughly pie plate sized starburst on a target.

  9. SandSailor556

    Sold out…

  10. snel6424

    Besides the enclosed reticle, what is the difference between this and the 510c?

  11. BrambleVale3

    Anybody have thoughts about this vs a 515?

  12. LetsGatitOn

    Fckuxkkkxkx can’t I missed it

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