[Optics] Holosun HS407K X2 $159.99 +S&H ($10.00) Call for price/order

[Optics] Holosun HS407K X2 $159.99 +S&H ($10.00) Call for price/order


[Optics] Holosun HS407K X2 $159.99 +S&H ($10.00) Call for price/order

22 reviews for [Optics] Holosun HS407K X2 $159.99 +S&H ($10.00) Call for price/order

  1. JosyBR


    Too extroverted for me

  2. torchredzo6

    This is by it now. Pricing. All the optic you need for your little bitty gunnies

  3. esoomenona

    Edit: Thank you to everyone who replied. You’ve convinced me to part with even more of my money.

    I’ve been considering just not putting an optic on my P365X, but like at this price, is there any reason I shouldn’t?

    How is it carrying with a red dot?

  4. Soggy-Bookkeeper

    this has to be BIN right? way cheaper than black Friday deals

  5. nakimar

    this at $160 or the 507k at $235? Would be putting it on a glock 43x

  6. BurtQReynolds

    This isn’t RMR, but shield footprint, right? Anyone know if this comes with a pic adapter?

  7. jakethompson92

    I finally regret buying an mc1sc and not sticking to my original plan of waiting for Taurus to release a gx4 toro 😭😭

  8. natale29

    I have the discontinued big button version on an arex delta m, great little dot and great price! This is what i paid for mine in like new condition through gafs

  9. nakimar

    7 hrs later and i’m still between this and the 507k green dot that was posted for $265 lol

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  11. minor_minority


  12. Bamooky

    I got one from them about a month ago at this price; GTG.

  13. TTTTescapee

    Transaction next day make the papers, I don’t talk on phones

  14. ChuckyGlasco

    I purchased this from the a while back. Very easy process and got it in 3 days. Best price for this item by far.

  15. saxuality

    Hey what is the footprint on this?
    What do we think about it on a p-10c?

  16. pukingbuzzard

    If i don’t want to do any research whatsoever, is this the way if I want to get a optic for an M&P 2.0c / or would the 07c be more appropriate?

  17. koben0

    Dang, and I thought I got a good deal at $188 from mantis the other day 🙃

  18. weirdaustinpilot69

    Damn, this is a killer price. I thought I had a good deal when I got 11% off on Black Friday plus cashed in a ton of Optics Planet bucks and got it down to $179 shipped

  19. OtherUnameInShop

    Wish this worked on the Max-9

  20. captheavy

    So they sell any of these pistol optics in a gold dot version?

  21. Mustupvotekitties

    Would this fit an X5 Legion?

  22. Firearmjoe

    I almost got this for the hellcat but with the plate from chpws it adds another 50 bucks and you lose cowitness. I knew you can modify the slide but I’m not willing to go there yet. Went with a Swampfox sentinel manual green should be here in a week. Hopefully I’ll be happy with it. I have a 507c on my Cz p07 and a 507 k with the chpws plate on my 43x mos. First time with Swampfox.

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