[Optics] Holosun HM3XT Magnifier $285 shipped (dunk) and HM3X $160 shipped (slam)

[Optics] Holosun HM3XT Magnifier $285 shipped (dunk) and HM3X $160 shipped (slam)


[Optics] Holosun HM3XT Magnifier $285 shipped (dunk) and HM3X $160 shipped (slam)

11 reviews for [Optics] Holosun HM3XT Magnifier $285 shipped (dunk) and HM3X $160 shipped (slam)

  1. QuadRail

    I wasn’t aware of the HM3XT. It’s just titanium & little smaller than the HM3XT?

    FWIW, my dumb ass has dropped my HM3X from ~4’ onto concrete and it was undamaged.

  2. tractorcrusher

    Ordered a HE512C-GD to see what the gold hype is all about.

    Edit: shit I need to find a 3D printed mailbox flag ASAP

  3. echocharlie86

    Very cool, didn’t know the HMX3T’s were out already. Do you know when Holosun released them? I remember waiting for them last year

  4. Hunter_Wang



    507K X2 for $235 with code WSAD

    507K-GR X2 for $265 with code ASDF

    HM3X for $160 with code SLAM

    HM3XT for $285 with code DUNK

    512C for $262 with code SINK

    512C-GD for $300 with code SWIM

    509T Red for $369.99 or Green for $399.99 with code 9999

    508T GR for $333.33 with code THREE

    507C-GR X2 for $270 with code JUMP

    407C-GR X2 for $212 with code DIVE

    DM for link if you need .30-30

    My shipping can be up to a week. Sometimes it is quicker. Please note that. Most customers are quite happy with my service, but ultimately you need to do what is right for you.

  5. pasghetticode

    Dang I bought my HS512C this week for $295. $262 feels like BIN pricing.

  6. High-Brow-Low-Brow

    Any code for the AEMS?

  7. C_Does

    Tho I can not vouch the the T version here. [The standard one is incredible](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw4Caw3yc2U&t) for the price and weight.

    The body on this is slight different, so I would imagine the glass and internals are as well. Id be interested in hearing if anyone has experience with both. Might be worth a review.

  8. WorksIfYouWorkIt

    Hm3x or the primary arms slx magnifier? Will be used with PA 1x micro prism

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  10. Vibez_127

    507k Gr oos?

  11. Xx69stayinskool420xX

    Thanks for posting. I was inches away from ordering one of these at full price last night.

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