[Optics] Holosun HE512C GOLD DOT – $350.99

[Optics] Holosun HE512C GOLD DOT – $350.99


[Optics] Holosun HE512C GOLD DOT – $350.99

17 reviews for [Optics] Holosun HE512C GOLD DOT – $350.99

  1. ATK42

    I was searching for these high and low for months then gave up lol but it’s cool looking

  2. somalo1

    Is it a good sight if my target is an orange fruit?

  3. OcelotPrize

    Use code TY10 or KZ10 to bring it from $389.99 to $350.99

    This is the elusive GOLD DOT model. No tax and free shipping.



    These better than green? Some insight? I just got a 510C in green. It looks better to me than the 407C I have. And the 510C. Those are all red.

    I’d be willing to try the gold. I’m sure it’s easy t resell if I no like

  5. Real_Nigerian

    Does this optic go well for a ak47?

  6. FatCaucasian

    Finally got my red dot version I bought last November a couple weeks ago. I love it. Got it for $323 from Kenzie’s lol

  7. [deleted]


  8. josef1911

    I was building a budget at but screw it ,in for one holosun after reading the reviews

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  10. JohnnyGrilledCheese

    anyone ever used one on a shotgun?

  11. PandaCatGunner

    Super cool! I really hope they make HE530s in gold next, this is the first I’ve ever seen gold for sale, despite this being advertised like a year ago

  12. NoobShooter777

    Surprised to see that its still in stock… makes me what to buy another one…

  13. jojo-arf


    prefer green

  14. WilllOfD

    So…. is it yellow? Or actually gold? Everywhere I see it it just looks yellow, which is terrible for the desert lol

  15. bigd081285

    We are getting these Monday or Tuesdsy as well. Obviously can’t post prices but if anyone is interested just shoot me a pm and sign up for notifications


  16. Normal-Cow3616

    $350 and free shipping on optics planet

  17. ATF0PenUp

    What the hell is a gold dot?

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