[OPTICS] holosun-he-512c-gold-dot $292 plus shipping w/ Code ABF25

[OPTICS] holosun-he-512c-gold-dot $292 plus shipping w/ Code ABF25


[OPTICS] holosun-he-512c-gold-dot $292 plus shipping w/ Code ABF25

12 reviews for [OPTICS] holosun-he-512c-gold-dot $292 plus shipping w/ Code ABF25

  1. twowords_number

    Is this place legit? $211 shipped to PA for an HS503CU is a really good deal for a great basic optic, using the same code

  2. NoobShooter777

    Dang… i paid $350 for this…

  3. codifier

    So red was the standard for years, then green became the new hotness. Now it’s gold. Can anyone explain why red < green < gold to the human eye or is it novelty? (Not that theres anything wrong with that).

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  5. uhkayus

    Are gold dots washed out?

  6. DanTalent

    Oos with it in my cart…

  7. Key-Kaleidoscope2505

    Just starting to add optics to my ARs.

    Dumb question:

    What sort/style of mount is required if I want this higher than my rail?

  8. Bigwetdream77

    They also have 510c Green on sale for $255 with same coupon code.

  9. czpz007

    How is this with a Surefire DF Scout at night ?

  10. cellularresp

    Damn, this is a smoking deal. I paid close to $400 for this last year when it was unobtanium. Still worth it for $400. Excellent optic.

  11. gatrus21

    I assume this code is only good for optics?

  12. AZflipboi

    My favorite red dot to date – I have a few, even tried to change things up and go with a 510 – still a great RD, but I found myself going back to getting more 512 – red is fine for my eyes, for now – I can’t do green as my kids, all three of them are color blind to green – if your contemplating, don’t – this is a great piece

    AR9 | 300BO | 12g | Sam7


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