[Optics] Holosun AEMS Red $377 shipped

[Optics] Holosun AEMS Red $377 shipped


[Optics] Holosun AEMS Red $377 shipped

14 reviews for [Optics] Holosun AEMS Red $377 shipped

  1. bigd081285

    Thanks for the shout out brother. You are great and we appreciate all your business

  2. Darth-Zeon

    I hate this sub so damn much lmao I’m waiting for some accessories to sell over on GAFS so I can but either this optic or a Vortex UH-1 and here you guys are posting deals. I hate all of you 🤣🤣🤣

  3. PandaCatGunner

    Half tempted to just get one of these, been waiting since Nov last year to get my HE530G from Kenzies. No idea when that new model is gonna be out though. In the mean time they finally released the gold 512 and this.

    May just get this for the meantime lol.

    People are conflicted between this and the Huey gen 2, they are very different optics, while the Huey is awesome for a holographic, thats what it is and will have significantly less battery and different features Albeit, significantly more battery than an EOtech. I love mine, fov is huge, super crisp, feels like I can play racquet ball with it and it’ll be fine. Holographics use lasers vs LEDs which is why they are so battery intensive, and don’t require the front glass, so your front glass can shatter or be mostly mud blocked and it’ll still function just fine. Red dots reflect the laser off the front glass. So inherently Holographics may be more durable just by design. Not to say a red dot won’t be enough.

    Edit: holographics, like red dots, magnify with magnifiers. Which actually makes more sense. The only other real place I can see this not occurring is with SFP LPVOs, where the reticle stays fixed upon magnification. Thank you for the correction

  4. Swaggatr0n

    Whats the mount footprint on this? Micro or proprietary?

  5. Background_Brick_898

    509t GReen still just around the corner

  6. Butch_Cassidy109

    Does the stock one come with the higher mount too? Or do you have to Order that individually .

  7. MrFish49

    Am I missing something to get the 377 price?

  8. Figdudeton

    Is this NVG compatible?

  9. EastwoodRavine85

    Like the 509 and 512 had a baby who liked GI Joe

  10. dannyb111

    I bought my 509t when it was fairly new, and still fairly expensive. Ive learned my lesson now. I won’t be buying this ASAP. I’ll wait till the price drops atleast 25% like the 509t.

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  12. SamInPajamas

    I don’t understand what the benefit of this is over their 512 series.

  13. bigLatinBick

    Was the difference between the 2 versions?

  14. jakethompson92

    How does this perform under NV?

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