[optics] HE509T Elite Reflex Sight -$199

[optics] HE509T Elite Reflex Sight -$199


[optics] HE509T Elite Reflex Sight -$199

28 reviews for [optics] HE509T Elite Reflex Sight -$199

  1. FreshBadge

    Is this legit?

    Edit- I did it because if they steal my credit card the remaining available balance is like $3.50. TAKE THAT THIEVES. IM WORSE WITH MY MONEY THEN YOU COULD EVER BE.

  2. Mike_Oxlong16

    This has to be bin

  3. made2last

    Yes I don’t NEED this. Yes I bought one because of the price.

    Shipping is $20.

    This is up there with best deals I have snagged, the other being the 515cm for $165.

  4. silvaliningplaymaker

    What the fuck. The glass on these isn’t that bad, less tubular than the ACRO P1 when I looked through them both and less distortion and tint than the RMR for me. Worse window and glass than the 507c/508t to me but it’s closed emitter… Will the new ones be worth a 100% difference in cost? FUCK IT, will try this on my G19 first and if it’s not good enough well this will be an offset optic or ill put it on GAFS.

  5. Sleeveless9

    The price drops on these have been incredible. I bought mine at $350, and it was a BIN price at the time when $400 was the norm. This is definitely worth buying at this price, even if the often rumored Gen 2 is on the way. Mine has been good on my G19. Glass clarity isn’t exceptional, but I like it better than the RMR it replaced.

  6. hellbentdesigns


  7. ewright28

    I just paid $250 on Monday for one so this is a great deal.

  8. whan

    Yeah, wasn’t even looking into buying an MRDS but had to at this price

  9. LtDrinksAlot

    Well. I bought one.

    Lets see if I actually get it or not, good reason to use a credit card.

  10. AnalogCyborg

    Holy fuck how did I miss this

  11. Bobathaar

    Every time the price drops again on these I feel like the guy who bought gamestop stonks at peak pricing

  12. ncfabricator

    I’m in. Too good to pass up. Hope it’s legit

  13. cfortune4

    Damn, I just bought one of these yesterday for $300. Was going to return and order this but its OoS now.

  14. MP5Konfused

    …*aaaand less than 10 minutes after posting…* **OOS**

  15. mentosfresh

    Lol good thing I kept missing the kygunco drops

  16. FabulaJones

    Good lord that’s a good price

  17. VLDMRT84

    This for real?

  18. BrickLorca

    Would this be good to mount on top of a PA SLX5?

  19. bkfit

    In for one to replace DPP on AXG!

  20. Camanny

    God damnit

  21. TTTTescapee

    Went out of stock as I was checking out. Oh well, didn’t really need this.

  22. Zer01992

    Oos πŸ™

  23. MuffinTopBop

    Uff, OOS right after I added it to cart 10 minutes in.

  24. maxtor202003

    Thanks guys, you made this real easy on my wallet. By the time I had decided to jump on it, OOS. πŸ˜‚

  25. Just_Glassing

    Daaaamn. OOS while I was trying to order.

  26. newgumbo

    Whew, I think I almost had the last one but then I choked!

    I already have one so I doubted it

  27. SamInPajamas

    Holy shit what a steal. I want one for my offset sight on my rifle and have been waiting on a good deal. Unfortunately I was too late

  28. AristoNYC

    Got a shipping email already. Good stuff.

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