[OPTICS] EOTech XPS 2-0 Tan $545 Shipped

[OPTICS] EOTech XPS 2-0 Tan $545 Shipped


[OPTICS] EOTech XPS 2-0 Tan $545 Shipped

9 reviews for [OPTICS] EOTech XPS 2-0 Tan $545 Shipped

  1. Pissed_Off_Cannoli

    Use code MILK for 10% off, comes out to $498 shipped

  2. Sleeveless9

    Don’t tease me with that ACRO P2 image. 🙂

  3. XxBaBaxYaGaxX

    Maybe not the best price ever but in stock(rare with tan these days) and these guys are amazing and you get dinner with your order lol

  4. Po-Lee-S

    That thumbnail of the new Aimpoint Acro P-2 **really** got me excited

  5. Arctic_Nights

    $538.88 with code: pewpew

  6. luckygunnerx30

    Need a 3😢

  7. JethroFire

    I saw the picture and thought EOtech came out with a pistol red dot for a second…

  8. Lemonhead18

    Is there a tan green dot?

  9. gumby36psi

    Clone bois where dey at

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