[OPTICS] Eotech EXPS3 $610, EXPS2 $510, HHS II Combo $1000…Rein Comp Kits(Blk, FDE, Clear) $275…CompM4s $700…Holosuns & More

[OPTICS] Eotech EXPS3 $610, EXPS2 $510, HHS II Combo $1000…Rein Comp Kits(Blk, FDE, Clear) $275…CompM4s $700…Holosuns & More


[OPTICS] Eotech EXPS3 $610, EXPS2 $510, HHS II Combo $1000…Rein Comp Kits(Blk, FDE, Clear) $275…CompM4s $700…Holosuns & More

21 reviews for [OPTICS] Eotech EXPS3 $610, EXPS2 $510, HHS II Combo $1000…Rein Comp Kits(Blk, FDE, Clear) $275…CompM4s $700…Holosuns & More

  1. bigd081285

    EOTECH25 for $25 Off any Eotech

    Just added Modlite, Aero, & Arisaka to the site. Should be stocking some product as early as next week depending on dealer stock

    Decided to make a group for all my fellow gun enthusiasts and customers. Give us a follow and post your awesome setups and stay up to date on inventory, sales, and what’s on the way.


    Contact for price on Holosun’s

    407C Red & Green, 507C Red & Green, 407K Red & Green, 508T Green, 509T, 510C Red & Green, 515CM/GM/CT Red & Green, 512C Red & Gold, HM3X

    510C Spacers


    EVERYTHING I have is in stock ready to ship. Absolutely no dropshipping

    Anyway on to a few other deals:

    Tan G33 – $515

    CompM4 – $680

    H2 w Mount – $630

    Timney 667S – $170

    Geissele Triggers, Parts kits, Rails, etc

    Standard Triggers – $210

    MPX Triggers – $310

    Hk 762 Triggers – $425

    Scalarworks Mounts – 34mm 1.93″, 30mm 1.57″, all micros & more – E-Mail for Best Price

    Scalarworks Peak sights Front & Rears – E-Mail for Best Price

    Just dropped our first patches too if you are into that sort of thing

  2. fruitytrollroll

    Buy with confidence. I’m broke because of this guy and I don’t even feel bad about it because the prices are so good.

  3. letsgoheat01

    Hey sir. Just bought a couple rifles that need optics. One is 7.62×39 and another is 5.56.

    I’m worried about dropping a bunch of money on optics that might be a problem for my eyes.

    I have astigmatism and have that whole streaks of light thing at night.

    Any tips, recommendations, or advice in general and/or specifically?

  4. NoobShooter777

    Any ETA on the Eotech G45 5x??

  5. Israel_Gynesanya

    Been wanting an eotech for a while. Thanks OP! Just ordered the exps2

  6. Damni3l

    I’ve been waffling between an XPS2 and a UH-1, anyone have any recommendations?

  7. preludachris8

    Great price

  8. Sarchee

    Getting any of the Holosun AEMS in green in stock soon?

  9. shadowgamma

    In for one, then I stupidly remembered there was a coupon code. I’m such an idiot. Oh well, it’s already lower than anywhere else I can find.

  10. toomanypeasants

    What is the difference between the exps2 vs exps3?

  11. JPD232

    Which is the Eotech with the lower 1/3 mount?

  12. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    Anyone know what the Holosun 403 and 503s come out to be pricing?

  13. justintapner

    What’s the difference on the 515 CM/GM/CT variants?

  14. El_Chingo_Bling

    Not loving the idea of having to create an account to purchase.

  15. Alextjb99

    Any chance of getting some RMR 06 type 2s in soon?

  16. puregentleman1911

    I just got lucky and bought a G45 so a EXPS3 is tempting!

  17. themorgmam

    Definitely interested in dropping a rack or two on a few optics and a flash light once I figure out what’s going on with some of my money that’s stuck in limbo because this company refused to ship for whatever reason.

    If it wasn’t for that I would of had my order in yeasterday

  18. Souldrop

    Any chance you have any he507c with the chevron reticle lying around?

  19. Reddit__is_garbage

    >eotech exps3

    Most backwards, downgraded, overpriced optic I’ve ever bought or used… unless you intend to use it with NV

  20. DraconisMarch

    Waiting for sub $300 on Holosun HE-512C gold. The wait continues.

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