[Optics] EOTECH 512 – $387.81

[Optics] EOTECH 512 – $387.81


[Optics] EOTECH 512 – $387.81

7 reviews for [Optics] EOTECH 512 – $387.81

  1. lobstibb

    PSA has them for $350
    EDIT: check both before buying, as people below have said Lanbo’s doesn’t charge tax everywhere.

  2. NotoriousDVA

    This or hold out for vortex uh1?

  3. vicinadp

    why do they still make the 512???? honest question

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  5. Sharpastic

    Coming from an optics noob: what does this have that a smaller red dot sight like a Holosun 507 doesnt have? Or even just a shorter version of this same optic (forgetting the name) edit: Eotech XPS

  6. ChiefBrianIrons

    No sales tax and shipping is only $10. Currently $350 on PSA but sales tax would cost me an additional $24.50 and shipping $15.

  7. DickMonkie

    I’m not gonna look but I’m pretty sure you can get this cheaper.

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