[Optics] Deltapoint Pro NV – $352.98 shipped

[Optics] Deltapoint Pro NV – $352.98 shipped


[Optics] Deltapoint Pro NV – $352.98 shipped

24 reviews for [Optics] Deltapoint Pro NV – $352.98 shipped

  1. shinayasaki

    Add to cart for price, no tax outside of AL.

    Get this one if you need a red dot for competition and your slide only take shield RMS/RMRcc/407k/507k.

    Yes the RMRcc/507k will be for durable.


    edit: it’s the 2.5 MOA. Forgot to put it on tittle

  2. Camanny

    Whats the catch? Arent DPPs one of the pistol red dot gold standards?

  3. simonsays894

    I carry this on my Staccato XC for duty. Wouldn’t carry anything else. Love the DPP, it’s window, clarity and height keep me coming back. I have other optics including the RMR and like I said love the DPP.

    Also this is the better NV model that performs very well for NV.

    Sitting taller on the gun is actually something I like about it. Gives me more of a natural head position kinda like having a unity with a T2/Eotech.

    Battery sucks but it’s easy to change and not like I’m going to Iraq with it. I change it about every 4-5 months. I also use it every week so take it for what’s it worth.

  4. aw2eod

    I just jumped on this deal and don’t even have an open gun to put it on. Paid $400 (on sale), at my local Scheels, a number of months ago.

    I absolutely love mine, on an M&P 2.0. I carry appendix, in a Tier 1.

    Mine has been on, constantly, for months with no problems.




    Gimmie 6moa

  6. mcRhydon

    How would this pair with a Benelli M4?

  7. carldoce

    I have these on handguns as well as AR pistols with the AR mount. They are great.

  8. TooEZ_OL56

    The DPP used to be one of the Big Two in MRDS, along with the RMR, but I think the market has kind of moved past it. The RMR basically won the format wars as far as durability/footprint/brightness adjustment is concerned. Also it sits really high on most pistol slides to the point you need some tall boi BUIS. Finally of all the “duty” grade optics (RMR, ACRO, 507/8/9/t, DPP) the DPP is probably the most fragile.

  9. beans3131

    Worth getting at 2.5 moa for a handgun or wait for a 6 moa deal?

  10. MillionHobbies

    Now do FDE

  11. MKIVSD

    I have this optic as an offset on my ar and I hate it so much.

    It will literally die in under a week if left on after the range.

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  13. Cool_Butterscotch_88

    Anyone have or point me to pics of these without their shroud, or more necessary to keep it there than I’m estimating?

    I just don’t like seeing its double arch in the sight picture. Otherwise love the huge clear glass and amber dot.

  14. Tacti_Dad

    So get this for my Sig M17?

  15. TacticalCubicle

    Fuck I just paid $100 more for this

  16. Bullseye702

    Very tempted to buy this for my near future host; staccato c2 dpo.

  17. Imadethis4things

    Have they fixed the battery contact plate problem? 3 for 3 on it coming undone and shifting.

  18. agreeable-bushdog

    Thanks exactly what I needed leading up to Christmas bought a new gun today, now stumbled into a dpp for my edc…. haha thanks though, the cheapest I have personally seen.

  19. ImGundy

    Thank god this wasn’t FDE

  20. Friendly-Internet-54

    I love mine as an offset dot on a 308 SR25 pattern rifle. The glass is crystal clear. I also have a 509T and that class looks like its a $50 optic in comparison. The SRO compares equal to it imo. Blue glass on the SRO but it’s also a taller optic. Some trade offs there.


    Would this optic be good to use on a rifle, say 45 degree offset?

  22. true2ku

    Sale is over. Price at $585 now

  23. shinayasaki

    OOS bot

  24. Linkmaco3

    That is one ugly duckling.

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