[OPTICS] CompM4s $700…Eotech EXPS3 $610, EXPS2 $510, HHS II $1000, Rein Kits(Blk, FDE, Clear) $275…Scalarworks 30/34mm & More

[OPTICS] CompM4s $700…Eotech EXPS3 $610, EXPS2 $510, HHS II $1000, Rein Kits(Blk, FDE, Clear) $275…Scalarworks 30/34mm & More


[OPTICS] CompM4s $700…Eotech EXPS3 $610, EXPS2 $510, HHS II $1000, Rein Kits(Blk, FDE, Clear) $275…Scalarworks 30/34mm & More

8 reviews for [OPTICS] CompM4s $700…Eotech EXPS3 $610, EXPS2 $510, HHS II $1000, Rein Kits(Blk, FDE, Clear) $275…Scalarworks 30/34mm & More

  1. bigd081285

    EOTECH25 for $25 Off any Eotech

    Modlite & Arisaka will be in early next week, along with Alpha Glock Triggers

    Decided to make a group for all my fellow gun enthusiasts and customers. Give us a follow and post your awesome setups and stay up to date on inventory, sales, and what’s on the way.


    Contact for price on Holosun’s

    407C Red & Green, 407K Red & Green, 508T Green, 509T, 510C Red & Green, 515CM/GM/CT Red & Green, 512C Red & Gold, HM3X

    510C Spacers


    EVERYTHING I have is in stock ready to ship. Absolutely no dropshipping

    Anyway on to a few other deals:

    Tan G33 – $515

    CompM4 – $680

    H2 w Mount – $630

    Timney 667S – $170

    Geissele Triggers, Parts kits, Rails, etc

    Standard Triggers – $210

    MPX Triggers – $310

    Hk 762 Triggers – $400

    Scalarworks Mounts – 34mm 1.93″, 30mm 1.57″, all micros & more – E-Mail for Best Price

    Scalarworks Peak sights Front & Rears – E-Mail for Best Price

    Just dropped our first patches too if you are into that sort of thing

  2. tepextate

    Do you guys anticipate getting the 507k-x2 back in stock anytime soon?

    Also, does anyone have the copy paste on the difference between the various Holosun models? I want to put a 507k on my P365 and am deciding what to put on my Walther PDP (full size gun)

  3. ABlackEngineer

    Love my compm4s, have astigmatism but works great on the lower power settings and with my contacts in or a pair of polarized shooting glasses off amazon

  4. Israel_Gynesanya

    I bought an exps2 from this guy last weekend and it arrived today. At first I was pissed at how shitty the dot quality was, but then I realized I was looking through the wrong end lmao. Very happy with my purchase.

  5. NaxtorX

    I’m in the market for an exps2 anyone on here got an idea what a bin price for that is

  6. awcmon123

    Do the Scalarworks LEAP/01’s come with the Torx bit? The description doesn’t list it.

  7. TheStatusPoe

    Any idea on when some more SROs should be coming in?

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