[Optics] Bushnell AR Optics TRS-26 $30 after rebate. Lucky Gunner $80 plus tax and ship.

[Optics] Bushnell AR Optics TRS-26 $30 after rebate. Lucky Gunner $80 plus tax and ship.


[Optics] Bushnell AR Optics TRS-26 $30 after rebate. Lucky Gunner $80 plus tax and ship.

18 reviews for [Optics] Bushnell AR Optics TRS-26 $30 after rebate. Lucky Gunner $80 plus tax and ship.

  1. Ok_Understanding1612

    Yeah but f*** LG. They were among the worst gougers in 2020. They are trying to lure us back in.

  2. Adept-Quantity12

    PSA: keep your box, packing slip or the box that it was shipped in if it doesn’t come with packing slip, and confirmation email because they are all needed for the rebate

  3. whyhiseyeswidened

    Had this optic before and it’s pretty solid – good features (no shake awake but has constant on if you disengage the 12 hr auto off) and held zero well, glass was nice and dot was crisp for me. Only upgraded because I wanted a more proven grade optic.

    Currently looking at their RXS-250. Might throw it on a Mossy 590S Shockwave build. Though it might make more sense to put a laser on it…

  4. Jackers83

    I bought this a few weeks ago with the 50$ rebate. I like it, the dot is pretty vibrant and the housing feels pretty solid.

  5. UgliestCookie

    Not commenting on the seller, but I submitted everything for the online rebate on 12/1 and got confirmation that the rebate was approved on 12/15. Now to see if it shows up in the 6-8 weeks they claim.

  6. dircs

    $40 shipped each after rebate direct from Bushnell over Black Friday.

  7. ThankfulReproach

    They don’t ship to California at all? What in the fuck.

  8. Razvee

    Would have been perfect for my Ruger Charger but I splurged last week for a Holosun at 5 times the price… Oh well.

  9. dirtyboots702

    Yay rebates (I actually don’t like rebates and was being facetious right there)

  10. CrazyKilts

    I know shipping is high but if you need a few it’s not bad. Paid $18 for shipping for 3 and the champion b27 targets @$19 for 100

  11. hennessy_black

    Shipping and taxes comes out to same price on Amazon and you know, “Alex order me a bushnell trs-26”. No need to leave the couch to find my credit card.

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  13. SwimmingJunky

    What rebate?

  14. cyclingfaction

    Where do I find the rebate?

  15. cyclingfaction

    In for 3.

  16. Cool_Butterscotch_88

    >Purchases made through Amazon, ExpertVoice®, Wholesalers, Distributors, Vista Outdoor discount programs and retailer employee discount programs are excluded

    Lucky gunner isn’t a wholesaler or distributor then, or certain not any other exclusion?

  17. jaybee1669


  18. CrazyKilts

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