[Optics] Arken Optics – Free Rings, Lever, Level, End Caps, and Bag – $170 Savings w/ Code SAVE$170

[Optics] Arken Optics – Free Rings, Lever, Level, End Caps, and Bag – $170 Savings w/ Code SAVE$170


[Optics] Arken Optics – Free Rings, Lever, Level, End Caps, and Bag – $170 Savings w/ Code SAVE$170

5 reviews for [Optics] Arken Optics – Free Rings, Lever, Level, End Caps, and Bag – $170 Savings w/ Code SAVE$170

  1. bazr57

  2. gebsmith

    I know there are TONS of shills for Arken which really hurts their reputation. I found a couple reviews that seem legitimate so I figured I’d check them out. Until Jan 22 they are running a sale where you get lots of freebies when you buy any scope:

    – Mounting rings (multiple heights available)

    – Throw lever

    – Bubble level

    – End caps

    – Carry bag

    Add any scope and a combo pack to your cart and use code SAVE$170 to save $170 (the cost of the combo pack).

    This will be my first Arken. I decided to try the SH4 4-16X50. All in (scope and combo pack) it was $432 shipped. I have no experience with the brand at all. I don’t know if their rings are any good but assuming they are decent then the combo pack is easily worth $120. That brings the cost of the 4-16 down to ~$280. Their scopes and glass are all Chinese and won’t win any major competitions but from what I’ve read it seems they are worth $280. 34mm tube, FFP, decent reticles, illuminated, zero stop, parralax adjustment, etc.


  3. IowaGeologist

    Thought this might help some. As OP mentions, Arken did some weird shilling/marketing shit that turned a lot of people off initially. I still gave it a shot after some favorable (from what I could tell) non-biased reviews and picked up a SH4 Gen 2 in 6-24x. For reference, I currently have a Razor Gen 2 4.5-27 and Viper Gen 2 5-25 on my other long guns.

    Construction wise, it feels solid. Heavy like the Razor and good turret clicks similar to to the Viper, maybe better. Haven’t beat on it, so no idea if it’s actually as tough as it seems. Glass looks surprisingly good, similar to the Viper. Step down from the Razor obviously at over 1k less, but the glass isn’t going to be a problem for most shooters. Tracking has been spot on during my use taking it my 224 Valkyire out to 750 and back to 100. Reticle is what it is, not my favorite, but serviceable.

    Honestly, it feels like a better deal at $500 or whatever I paid than my Viper Gen 2 at $700. Wouldn’t have a second thought about recommending it to someone looking for a more budget scope. Warranty hasn’t been needed, but from online posts it sounds like Arken does OK, if maybe a little slow. Longevity wise, anyone’s best guess.

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  5. farkoss

    all that code did for me is free shipping?

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