[Optics] Aimpoint H-1 $475 / T-1 $499 w/ free ship

[Optics] Aimpoint H-1 $475 / T-1 $499 w/ free ship


[Optics] Aimpoint H-1 $475 / T-1 $499 w/ free ship

6 reviews for [Optics] Aimpoint H-1 $475 / T-1 $499 w/ free ship

  1. KimJongMakeEmSayUn


    * Looks like Aimpoint is having a special (closeout?) along with their announcement of [the new Duty RDS](https://aimpoint.us/duty_rds/) ($499).
    * Free 2-Day shipping on Red Dot Sights and Magnifiers over $50.
    * Your choice of Ruger III / IV Mount or 10/22 Mount included.
    * Also, if you happen to have a tactical carrot 🥕 that needs an optic, [they now have an orange cerakoted H-2 for some reason](https://aimpoint.us/micro-h-2-red-dot-reflex-sight-standard-mount-orange-cerakote/) ($765).

  2. MrBig99999

    T1 appears OOS

  3. pharmordie

    t1 with mark iv mount oos. I have been hoping to find just the mount but no dice.

  4. twowords_number

    Didn’t even know these existed, what a weird product. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a picture of a Ruger 10/22 with an aimpoint

  5. Impetus_

    t1s are 4moa. probably not gonna matter for some, but that’s kinda big for a rifle optic

    i really want an offset aimpoint but these things are fucking expensive for what they are

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