[Optics] Aimpoint DUTY RDS – $499.00 – $10 shipping

[Optics] Aimpoint DUTY RDS – $499.00 – $10 shipping


[Optics] Aimpoint DUTY RDS – $499.00 – $10 shipping

23 reviews for [Optics] Aimpoint DUTY RDS – $499.00 – $10 shipping

  1. TheRenownWolf

    I can’t fucking believe these are available so quickly after launch but we’re still waiting on acro p2s.

  2. BarrelTwist

    Here we go ladies and gentlemen, here we go

  3. Kahamu

    Give it time and these will be in the high 300s. Aimpoint sells these to LE/MIL for $450. Street price deals usually beat aimpoints LE/MIL discount

  4. emperor_nixon

    How does this compare to their other similar optics?

  5. JustHereForTheGuns

    With these on the market, I just want it to be known that if you STILL choose to buy an MRO, I hate you.

  6. aclark210

    Oh damn, I didn’t think they were available for consumers yet.

  7. Chez92

    Better than a Holosun 515?

  8. Ed0g

    Come on… $500 is cheap? I can find a t2 on gafs for $100-$150 more. Pass at this price for now. It’s cool that they’re already shipping tho.

  9. Sh00tYourEyeOut

    Unique footprint?

  10. vtjake

    I received mine last week. Haven’t had it to the range yet.

  11. VinceAutMorire

    >new optic

    >not much less than a used T2 (or even new T2)

    >more than pro, which is proven


    e: I got downvoted by some idiot that said this was American made. LMAO

    Ya’ll can get fucked. Keep being dumb ass fucking fudds.

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  13. bakel5

    Shipping times?

  14. leumaskrap

    Where are the p2’s at? thats what we want

  15. bakel5

    Damn i tried to put 100 on them and still instock lol hope they ship it right away

  16. The_Gray_Beast

    How is this supposed to compare to a t2

  17. bakel5

    In for one…thanks

  18. snowman762x39

    Couldn’t they attempt to make it look like a T2 though?

  19. BimmerAddict

    YOOOO! Time to upgrade my PRO

  20. CapnCurt81

    FYI: as an Aimpoint dealer, who had a meeting with Aimpoint at SHOT not 2 days ago, these are NOT shipping to commercial dealers yet. There is around a 0% chance your order will be fulfilled anytime soon.

  21. stevehyde

    Does anyone know if the mounting pattern is similar to a t2? I was going to buy a t2 to out on an arisaka canted mount and already have the mounting plate for a t2/romeo5 pattern.

  22. kayl_breinhar

    Not that I’m surprised, but “SIGNUP10” doesn’t work on this. =/

  23. Automatic_Apricot131

    Pass. Get a PA microprism.

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