[OPTICS] 25% off Circle Dot 507C X2, 507K X2, 509T; w/ code “thanksdad” (+ SH / Tax to FL)

[OPTICS] 25% off Circle Dot 507C X2, 507K X2, 509T; w/ code “thanksdad” (+ SH / Tax to FL)


[OPTICS] 25% off Circle Dot 507C X2, 507K X2, 509T; w/ code “thanksdad” (+ SH / Tax to FL)

17 reviews for [OPTICS] 25% off Circle Dot 507C X2, 507K X2, 509T; w/ code “thanksdad” (+ SH / Tax to FL)

  1. AndImAnAlcoholic

    Friendly Greetings!

    Live now is our Father’s Day Sale! 25% off of the Holosun 507C X2, 507K X2, and the 509T, + $9.99 shipping (and tax to FL) w/ code **THANKSDAD**. I’ve enlisted the wife’s help and so we will be doing our best to ship all orders out ahead of Father’s Day (06/21). If we run out of stock, check back periodically on the website or this thread for inventory updates.

    Shoot me a PM if you run into any issues, have any questions, or concerns,


    **EDIT (06/11/2021 9:56 AM EST):** Code *only* applies to **red** reticles, for now.

    **EDIT (06/12/2021 1:53 PM EST):** 507C and 507K inventory ordered and restocked.

    **EDIT (06/14/2021 3:05 PM EST):** Orders placed Friday will start shipping tonight. Orders placed over the weekend were unfortunately delayed; distributor billing bungled our order, rest assured that these **WILL** ship as soon as they arrive. Might have bit off more than we can chew with this sale and so as soon as stock runs out, it’s out. Will update with inventory / stock if we manage to catch up before the holiday. Please be patient, we’re doing our best to stay on top of your orders!

    **EDIT (06/15/2021 9:16 PM EST):** Distributor resolved the error on their side yesterday. **Orders should all be shipped out by Thursday (06/17/2021).**

  2. Fapcactus

    Been looking for something to mount on the fnx45t, go for it with the 507c circle dot or wait til I can find the acss vulcan reticle?

  3. [deleted]


  4. Embarrassed-Cabinet

    Which of these is best suited for a Walther PDP? Just now getting into Red dots on handguns. So I don’t know much but I only see good things about Holosun. Any help would be. Appreciated

  5. tarvijron

    Awesome price on the 507k shipped

  6. gl22man

    Got my order in for the 507 k x2! Thank you for the awesome father’s day gift

  7. beeeflomein

    New to these optics, is this BIN price?

  8. SirRolex

    I have been considering putting a red dot on my FN509. Slide isn’t cut yet. But I’ve been looking at these. Solid choice? Should I go for it? Or should I prioritize getting a new trigger in it first.

  9. prmoore11

    Does anyone know if the 509T will fit a scalarworks RMR mount?

  10. YutBrosim

    Considering replacing my Type 1 RM06 with a 509T… Can anyone tell me if I’m a dumbass or if it’s a solid move?

  11. jamb44

    Will you get more 507c in stock before the sale ends?

  12. ThaMagnificent

    Motherfucker! Had the last 507k2 in my cart and hit send and out of stock now

  13. texasmade1213

    Doesn’t work for 509t

  14. Floridamanridesagain

    Anybody else order from these guys and not get a confirmation email?


    “Coupon usage limit has been reached. Please try again after some time, or contact us for help.”

  16. Zer0pi314

    When you go to “Account”, it only lets you try to login to an account. There is no place to create an account. Also, when you go to checkout, there is no place asking if you’d like to create an account there either. Why can’t I create an account or how do you go about creating an account on your website?

  17. oh_jeez

    Anymore 507K X2’s coming? I’m not even in need of in before Father’s day, but I would love to grab at that price with the coupon code if you get more stock!

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