[Optic] Vortex UH1 Gen II Holographic Sight $449.99 with code TY10

[Optic] Vortex UH1 Gen II Holographic Sight $449.99 with code TY10


[Optic] Vortex UH1 Gen II Holographic Sight $449.99 with code TY10

17 reviews for [Optic] Vortex UH1 Gen II Holographic Sight $449.99 with code TY10

  1. NotoriousDVA

    Kinda regretting not picking this up when backorderplanet had them in stock for about 430 AFTER tax a few weeks ago. Gonna be dithering on this one for a couple hours only to find it’s oos, I imagine

  2. Texman86

    Great optic, I like just as much as my Eotech EXPS.

  3. Teddyturntup

    I love mine

  4. headtattoo

    Where’s the flag? How will my mail carrier know I’ve got outgoing mail?

  5. 2MGR

    I just sent in my Gen 1 for warranty service, here’s hoping a Gen 2 pops out.


    Got one of these for 380 because I backordered a gen1 from lapg and they realized they’d never get them back in stock(discontinued) so they sent me the gen 2 for same price

  7. smward998

    How is this for people with astigmatism ?

  8. Heeeeyyouguuuuys

    Paid $50 more couple months ago. Pretty happy with it.

    Its not BIN, but should be enough to push those considering it anyways.

  9. sebasr411

    Fuck it, finally pulled the trigger on this, thanks.

  10. SappyMcSapperton

    Welp I guess they turned coupon codes back on for this sucker

  11. BangBangFireFrei

    In for 1

  12. jgisbo007

    Looks on backorder. Anyone know what timeline would look like realistically? If I’m going to wait a while I might as well wait to see if a better deal pops up?

  13. Josh-Bosco

    Damn. Got mine for 500 a while back from AAOptics who always has these in stock. I was too impatient to wait for a Kenzie’s restock. This is a great optic regardless

  14. South-Fun9523

    Love mine as well. Bought on Amazon for $499 + tax. Good thing is that with the Amazon Prime card, I can pay the $550 over 18 months, interest-free. Paired it with my Kriss Vector CRB.

  15. woaiyaogunyue

    Thanks, in for one for Tavor X95.

  16. Mr_Slick_011

    Coupon usage limit reached… hopefully they offer it again soon

  17. eatsomecheesewithyou

    I own a hs512c. Love it. Has anyone out there compared the Holosun with the Vortex? I wonder how similar they are given the price difference…

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