[OPTIC] Vortex Razor HD 2-10x scope $450

[OPTIC] Vortex Razor HD 2-10x scope $450


[OPTIC] Vortex Razor HD 2-10x scope $450

10 reviews for [OPTIC] Vortex Razor HD 2-10x scope $450

  1. JoeGoats

    These Gen 1 Razor Light Hunters are fantastic especially if you can get them on close out.

    I have the 1.5-8x and 2-10x in the G4 reticle. You won’t find clearer glass under $1000 and it is as good if not better than my Leupold VH5-HD. Turrets are capped but they track perfectly and have good tactile feed back. Also as the name implies the are very light. They are very much designed to be a hunting optic.

    I’m trying to decide if I need another but I do prefer the G4 reticle over the HSR..

  2. Boomerfudd1337

    I got one of these in the 1.5-8 for my grandson. He uses it on one of his AR style rifles I gave him. It’s clear and tracks well, has sufficient amount of elevation/windage adjustment.

    Thanks and GODBLESS

  3. InfiniteWalrus09

    Good for a .308? Starting to try and piece together a hog hunting build

  4. beltfedshooter

    will this work on a bow?

  5. siniquezu

    Is the razor line better than their pst line?

  6. Aioros7777

    Is this a good option for a 22 LR rifle?

  7. AnEffortIsBeingMade

    Almost had me, but even for Razor HD glass I’m not sure I can accept fixed parallax and second focal plane. That’s a pretty antiquated feature set for a modern scope.

  8. hospitalchurn

    Is this bad for an AR-15?

  9. mostly9mm

    I think getting a Razor would be kinda tempting, but I just got a Viper PST 2.5-10 . . . Honestly the Viper looks pretty good, and I don’t know how I feel about this reticle and no illumination.

  10. ghablio

    This vs ultra light swfa, if I’m going for peak lightweight, are the advantages of this scope worth nearly doubling the weight?

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