[Optic] Vortex Micro3x Magnifier – $239.99 plus tax with code MICRO

[Optic] Vortex Micro3x Magnifier – $239.99 plus tax with code MICRO


[Optic] Vortex Micro3x Magnifier – $239.99 plus tax with code MICRO

15 reviews for [Optic] Vortex Micro3x Magnifier – $239.99 plus tax with code MICRO

  1. Teddyturntup

    Someone offers to give you this or a holosun *free of charge* to put behind a dos Huey

    Which to you take?

  2. blackoutfrank

    So it took them a little over an hour since I put the order in to get it shipped with a tracking number. Very impressive, if anyone is on the fence because of vendor I definitely recommend.

  3. Sneaky-Beaky-Ninja

    I really want unity to release a fast mount for these

  4. a_sick_moose

    Thanks op, been looking for a magnifier for my Romeo 5

  5. Hurricaneshand

    Super solid magnifier for this price imo. And shorter than the normal or the Holosun in the similar price category

  6. notaplaugerist

    $260.09 shipped to NY (tax included)

  7. SlamF1re

    Is this BIN pricing?

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  9. lpm444

    Nice. Payed for 1 day shipping.

  10. _axaxaxax

    Not happy with mine. HUGE POI shift with this thing, basically useless.

  11. datcarguy

    So if I combine this with a 1-6 scope does it make it 3-9 or 3-18x?

  12. focus_camera

    Hi everyone! Thanks for posting OP!


    Can I use this with the first gen spitfire?

  14. GunMetalGray00

    Before buying this, notice where the button/switch is. And than ask if it work with your optic.

    I have ragerts

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