[Optic] Trijicon VCOG 1-8x MOA Red – $1403.72 + tax

[Optic] Trijicon VCOG 1-8x MOA Red – $1403.72 + tax


[Optic] Trijicon VCOG 1-8x MOA Red – $1403.72 + tax

23 reviews for [Optic] Trijicon VCOG 1-8x MOA Red – $1403.72 + tax

  1. LowValueAviator

    Lowest I’ve ever seen, good luck fellas.

  2. mahogany83

    I feel like a turd when an optic is double the price of my rifle lol. Fuggit

  3. Miisterii

    So can someone educate me. How does this compare to… say… a Vortex Viper PST II or even a Vortex Razor. I know it’s Trijicon and all but I know nothing about this,

  4. flaccidkac

    Is this caliber specific?

  5. BSTfwnd

    Holy crap 31 ounces

  6. VaeVictis88


    *clicks on link*


    You sit on a throne of lies.

  7. amediocrefish

    This would look great on a high point

  8. PaulyMolitor

    Would this be over doing it for a 556 16″ ?

    308 battle rifle?

    6.5 dmr?

    Any insight would be appreciated on what this optic would be ideal for

  9. luckygunnerx30

    These things are absolutely amazing. I paid $2k for mine and Im not even sad I may even buy 2 more at this price. The eyebox is phenomenal. The eye relief is crazy. It has a perfect 1X. I really like the Eotech esque reticle in cqb. My only gripe is that the illumination could be a light brighter but its not a deterrent at all.

  10. GoodOlChap

    Funny thing is I was researching the vcog 1-8 earlier this week and the steep price tag is what made me hesitant on this…. But this is a BIN price for sure

  11. OfmanyAlts

    Dang decided to do a little research and the promo is gone 😥


    My wallet lives another day.

  12. IHateNoobss422

    Hmm, would this be a good choice for a Marlin 30AS? Just want to be able to plink a little better y’know?

  13. thistledew_13

    This or creedo 1-8

  14. 2slim

    Anyone use this with a 45° offset red dot? I’m looking to replace an old Leupold VXR 1.5×4 with something like this but the battery compartment and thumbscrews look like they might occlude the red dot, I run it behind the scope.

  15. mPisi

    Working right now at $1403 after adding to cart. I already had a TA11 coming from Schuylers, RIP credit card.

  16. LowValueAviator

    Bot OOS

  17. acr680

    Thanks op, in for 1

  18. Invisible_Enron_CEO

    Seeing this weigh 31.5 ounces after I bought an Aimpoint T2 to replace my PRO due to weight reasons almost made my heart stop

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  20. RayG1991

    This or Elcan Spectre?

  21. mrwallstreetbets96

    Fuck… I want it… but my wallet does not…

  22. Count_Warheit

    What’s the mount height?

  23. OffRosterImposter

    I’ve been sitting here wondering if I should buy this, and they removed the deal. It’s full price again, damn.

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