[Optic] Trijicon MRO – Lower 1/3 Mount – LE Trade-In – $335.95

[Optic] Trijicon MRO – Lower 1/3 Mount – LE Trade-In – $335.95


[Optic] Trijicon MRO – Lower 1/3 Mount – LE Trade-In – $335.95

8 reviews for [Optic] Trijicon MRO – Lower 1/3 Mount – LE Trade-In – $335.95

  1. Dave_A_Computer

    Aren’t new ones with a warranty only $20 more?

  2. IdyllicArcadia

    So like, is Trijicon ever going to resolve the MRO issues?

  3. akathedevil666

    Word of the day is parallax

  4. AFTDivision

    Opinions on the next best thing? That is not eotech or aimpoint t2

  5. TooEZ_OL56

    Man the MRO has had so many huge ups and downs in its lifecycle it’s amazing Trijicon doesn’t just ditch it

  6. mithbroster

    Good sights, good price.

  7. GanderpTheGrey

    Trijicon’s warranty isn’t transferrable.

    I think these have a place on PCC’s and similar. Probably fine on a shotgun, but they’re a hard sell on a rifle.

    My wife likes them, but she doesn’t like aimpoint pro weight or T2 cost.

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