[Optic] Trijicon 4×32 M4A1 w Flat Top .308 Amber Center – $865.32

[Optic] Trijicon 4×32 M4A1 w Flat Top .308 Amber Center – $865.32


[Optic] Trijicon 4×32 M4A1 w Flat Top .308 Amber Center – $865.32

6 reviews for [Optic] Trijicon 4×32 M4A1 w Flat Top .308 Amber Center – $865.32

  1. wehooper4

    These are TA01’s, no fiber illumination

  2. 1475952753

    Note this is the earlier TA01NSN, which has the solid crosshair rather than the famous chevron.
    Unclear what is “M4A1” about it since it is a 308 calibrated reticle.

  3. BabaYaga2017

    I can’t bring myself to try a 4x Acog on a .308

    TA11 or TA33, yes, but no to the short eye relief variant.

  4. mrwallstreetbets96

    Uuuuugh wishing that the fucking squeeze would’ve happened before Christmas…

  5. OGlazypenguin

    I did just buy a SCAR this year….

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