[Optic] Sig Sauer Romeo1 1x 22mm 3 MOA Red Dot w/m1913 rail $149.99 Shipped

[Optic] Sig Sauer Romeo1 1x 22mm 3 MOA Red Dot w/m1913 rail $149.99 Shipped


[Optic] Sig Sauer Romeo1 1x 22mm 3 MOA Red Dot w/m1913 rail $149.99 Shipped

9 reviews for [Optic] Sig Sauer Romeo1 1x 22mm 3 MOA Red Dot w/m1913 rail $149.99 Shipped

  1. YooserNahme

    Good deal, these are very competent red dots albeit a bit fragile. The shroud is around another $50 unless you find used. For anyone annoyed by the huge anodized SIG logos you can use Birchwood Casey Aluminum black to significantly fade it to black/dark grey in about 60 seconds.

  2. Bobathaar

    this aint it guys… One of these came with an early 229 rx I used to own and the glass was cracking from ejected brass bouncing off the optic. Second one I had shattered when a guy I parked next to bumped the optic housing opening his car door (not even that hard). Third one had battery cap strip out on first replacement. Guy I sold it to mentioned that the electronics died on the fourth one and it won’t turn on consistently when shook. Also, at the brightest setting, was pretty hard to see the dot in midday sun.

    On the bright side, sig gets out replacements super fast and no questions asked… but a warranty isn’t much help in a match, a class, or a gunfight.

    If your sig gun is cut for this optic most machine shops will cut just a little bit more out so you can use the romeo1pro, which I hear is slightly better or a deltapoint pro (which would be my recommendation. Various adapter plates also exist so you can run an rmr/holosun to, which are far superior optics.

  3. killgore755

    This a good sight to throw on my Just recently purchased glock 40 MOS?

  4. EastwoodRavine85

    If you’re really gonna use it you’ll want the metal shroud, but that’s another $50 (which makes it the 1 Pro, but that’s more expensive to buy itself). Overall a good price, but at this point I want the PA RS10

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  6. Chandler2873

    Just getting into the world of optics with my Romeo5 on my CZ Scorpion, so pardon my ignorance. But would this be a good optic for my Sig P320 X-five?

  7. razz538

    Damn my astigmatism. Red dots will be a dream that I can never fully enjoy. Well at least prisims are okay

  8. MyNameIsNurf

    Have this on my p320. Probably a good 3000-4000 rounds through it (Never actually counted) and I have never had an issue. Battery life isn’t spectacular but I dont think I have ever had to re-zero it. Good first red dot for someone.


    This is a horrible optic. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone

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