[optic] sig sauer Romeo 5 $107.77 + tax . Shipping free over $75

[optic] sig sauer Romeo 5 $107.77 + tax . Shipping free over $75


[optic] sig sauer Romeo 5 $107.77 + tax . Shipping free over $75

12 reviews for [optic] sig sauer Romeo 5 $107.77 + tax . Shipping free over $75

  1. vegas_guy702

    Per the description, this comes with both mounts.

    Additional $5 off if you give them your phone #

  2. jjl1911

    Pretty good deal with both mounts included. Perfect for the Extar EP9 I know all you degens bought.

  3. GoNe2heLL

    SMKW: $5 off $50 order w/code: TXT9QXQFO

    it worked for me… YMMV

  4. lipmonger

    $109.45 shipped… thanks OP!!!!!!

  5. Shooets-Envy-12

    In for one

  6. th4tguy321

    This or Holosun 403b?

  7. JesusDied4Me

    Thats a killer price! I paid “$109” for this from PrimaryArms a week or two ago that ended up being $130ish when you include shipping and taxes.

  8. jp78712

    Nice, still in stock. I just ordered one to put on my dedicated ar22 upper

  9. Kylericci

    Damn, I just got a Vortex Crossfire this week for nearly the same price, would have liked the shake awake feature of the Romeo.

  10. Tacticalbiscit

    This is one hell of an optic that is well worth this price. Hell it’s honestly worth closer to $200 in my opinion. I absolutely love mine and have zero complaints. I also have not seen the price this low in awhile.

  11. IfThisIsTakenIma

    Any magnifiers that’s pair with this?

  12. bluediamonds

    Anyone Purchased from this site before?

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