[optic] Primary Arms SLx MD-25 $139.95

[optic] Primary Arms SLx MD-25 $139.95


[optic] Primary Arms SLx MD-25 $139.95

9 reviews for [optic] Primary Arms SLx MD-25 $139.95

  1. Appropriate_Bath_355

    Picked up one of these but with the ACSS reticle and it slaps.

  2. hennessy_black

    lowest I have seen this, figured I will use it as a knock around optic to float between guns since I can’t afford an MRO dedicated to each gun.

  3. CreamDay19

    Just grabbed my first primary arms optic a few days ago (albeit not this one), couldn’t be more impressed especially for the price.

  4. MikeOxlong1776

    Too bad the ACSS version isn’t this price. I have 3 mounted and would gladly sit on a couple more.

  5. reshp2

    Don’t know what they were thinking with that huge knob jutting out the left side. Good for lefties, I guess.

  6. whk1992

    I have the ACSS one. The reticle is crisp, glass is clear, etc, but the dial is so stiff I hated it.

    Is there a way to loosen up the dial? In comparison, the dial on my Aimpoint Pro is tactile and easy to turn.

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  8. FlatRepublic155

    I love this optic. Have it on 4 rifles, really appreciate the rotary function and the reticle for some reason comes out clear even with the ‘tism. The mount is pretty dope for the price, too. Was gonna get another but with shipping this is cheaper on PA’s website when they have the 12off coupon.

  9. BigBossUSP

    Have this on my ZPAP92. It’s great.

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