[Optic] Open Box Holosun 510C-GR Elite Green Dot $285

[Optic] Open Box Holosun 510C-GR Elite Green Dot $285


[Optic] Open Box Holosun 510C-GR Elite Green Dot $285

19 reviews for [Optic] Open Box Holosun 510C-GR Elite Green Dot $285

  1. PaulRyansWifesSon

    Iirc these aren’t actually open box, it’s just lead-steels way to get around Holosun’s pricing rules. Seller is excellent, the optic is excellent and the price is as good as you’ll find. Don’t think, just buy.

  2. clyptric

    Seller is G2G. Bought one 2 weeks ago and received it same week. Mine was sealed in factory box still. These aren’t open boxes.

    They definitely earned me as a customer for life

  3. SasquatchinAround

    For some reason I keep getting stuck loading when I try to enter my payment

  4. loserfame

    First of all, fuck you. What am I supposed to tell my wife when this shows up in the mail. Been waiting on this forever and this price is too good. Ordered.

  5. C_Does

    [Great optic, great price.](https://youtu.be/YWMHgCIBwc0)

  6. Lead-Steel

    Yo thanks for posting my deal bro!! I appreciate it 🙂

  7. Csenior10

    I just received my “Demo” if you’d even call it that. It is in pristine condition for anyone who ordered one and wondered. Your email today had me laughing my ass off and so did the stickers you stuffed into my shipment. And considering it was free delivery via USPS, got here stupid fast. I was cringing when I found out those losers were in charge of delivering it to me but hey, they actually pulled it off in a timely fashion. Thanks again

  8. its_kiddos

    Shiit. For someone who won’t be shooting past 25yd and needs a good reticle for Home Defense and range plinking, should I pick this up or just go for a cheap Romeo5?

  9. JayRnasty

    Is there any benefit of having a green dot over a red one? I’ve never had a chance to look through a green.

  10. Brabus595

    Is there a way to add an additional riser on top of what comes with it?

  11. TalkinAboutIT

    Whats the warranty on these open boxed Holosun Optics?

  12. deadlifts_n_whiskey

    What’s the benefit of a green dot over a red?

  13. MirrorsEdge42

    Missed out 🙁

    Great deal, well done to all who got it.

  14. If_I_Was_Vespasian

    Happy I got one. Inflation kicking up, Fed full-blown retarded, who knows where we will be financially in a year. I will spend cash while I got it and it still has value.


    Almost bought one after I saw the email, but my brother told me to first ask if these have the Holosun lifetime warranty?

  16. ItsBlyatMan

    Oof my boy just bought one from y’all before it went on sale. He’s a sad noodle.

    I told him: but you got fun stickers

  17. ladieunoir

    for an ak pistol, get this or the 507C-GR?

  18. Nukuls

    These green dots are better for boys like me with the ’tisim, yes? And is this a pistol size or full pic rail/rifle size optic? I’ve got a 507k, which is micro, and I assume c is pistol size but the nomenclature is wack.

  19. jon4rd

    Bot OOS

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