[OPTIC] Holosun Technologies 510C (Red) – Ibex Armament – $236 shipped with code octane

[OPTIC] Holosun Technologies 510C (Red) – Ibex Armament – $236 shipped with code octane


[OPTIC] Holosun Technologies 510C (Red) – Ibex Armament – $236 shipped with code octane

22 reviews for [OPTIC] Holosun Technologies 510C (Red) – Ibex Armament – $236 shipped with code octane

  1. 45TRP

    Good price right here

  2. vicinadp

    Why is everyone selling this cheaper than what I bought it for like a week ago… and I thought I got it at a good deal from Schuyler’s


    Thanks for costing me even more money. I hate you guys.

  4. Zephyr4813

    Damn just bought this for $247.50.

    Could have saved myself a chipotle burrito!

  5. Stuballs

    Also had a great experience with seller. G2G in my book. Bought a 510c black friday and got it within a week!

  6. dankvader192

    Fuck You, OP.

    Thank you.

  7. Agentbolt

    Fuuuuck me, I was literally just looking at this optic last night and decided not to buy because it was too expensive. This code brought it down just into impulse buy territory, so I had to snag it.

    I say “thank you”, and my wallet says “fuck you”, OP!

  8. Secondlb3

    Looks like no tax and free shipping as well.

  9. BangBangPing5Dolla

    In for one….

    Fuck me I gotta stay off this sub for the rest of the month.

  10. ProjectDirectory

    Real question here, what will this reflex sight do that one half the cost wont?

    Edit: Well, ya’ll sure are a helpful bunch.

  11. Limp-Quail

    Y’all got any of the new threaded rough riders ?

  12. rapitrone

    In my experience, seller is g2g. Shipped fast and communication was responsive.

  13. Smash0573

    Thanks for the impulse buy opportunity. I was looking for an inexpensive optic to test out. Looking forward to getting it

  14. satoshibytes

    Great deal, just got one. Thanks op.

  15. olmikeyy


  16. Tunayeah

    There was a “deal” last month from JoeBob’s outfitters for $300, which I bought. Feelsbadman.jpeg

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  18. BraveDrew

    Thanks!! I appreciate it! Snagged me one, seems to be a great vendor here

  19. count_nuggula

    What are some good applications for this bad boy?

  20. kenstar4

    Been putting off getting one for like 8 months now. Today was the day.

  21. rapitrone


  22. trashbatrathat

    If you like open emitters, mounts that can’t stand up to the brutal recoil of 5.56, and canted reticles this is the optic for you

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