[Optic] Holosun HE510C GREEN Circle Dot Reflex – $254.99 (Code ABF25)

[Optic] Holosun HE510C GREEN Circle Dot Reflex – $254.99 (Code ABF25)


[Optic] Holosun HE510C GREEN Circle Dot Reflex – $254.99 (Code ABF25)

12 reviews for [Optic] Holosun HE510C GREEN Circle Dot Reflex – $254.99 (Code ABF25)

  1. kswag210

    Gundeals is when your friends told you to take that first puff. Now you’re a daily puffer 🤦‍♂️

    Hate u. Love u. 🤗

  2. RangerGreenRespecter

    Code works for other items too. Thanks 👍

  3. nacman34

    You think they got some of their descriptions from Optics Planet?

  4. 3ternal_Scout

    Just used on another item – thanks.

  5. kidruhil

    If Sage hadn’t dropped his review of the Holosun AEMS a few weeks ago, I’d have bought this in a heartbeat. Now, I’m so torn with indecision. Green 510c now or wait awhile for AEMS…

  6. roachbooty

    Scooped one up for $240 back in June. Mounted it on a stribog and it just makes for quick and accurate target shooting. The green dot works perfectly with my astigmatism and there are no issues with seeing it on the brightest and lowest setting. I definitely recommend this to anyone on the fence about it.

  7. Dtxnassty95

    In for one 208 has been killing it lately, don’t know how much more my wallet can take.

  8. KellerMB

    Don’t get caught up by the ‘next best thing’ wheel. This is a great sight at a great price. Standard 2032, 50k hr battery life, solar backup, shake awake, Hi-Vis green.

  9. allister041

    PLUS $20 shipping

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  11. lara20124

    So is this worth it?

  12. smoochara

    Will this work for a milspec ar15 with integrated front iron sight?

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