[Optic] Holosun 510c Red Dot $219.99 Free Shipping

[Optic] Holosun 510c Red Dot $219.99 Free Shipping


[Optic] Holosun 510c Red Dot $219.99 Free Shipping

39 reviews for [Optic] Holosun 510c Red Dot $219.99 Free Shipping


    Isn’t this like, a BIN price?

    E – $233 after tax, fuck it wife just bought a roomba I’m in

    I have since been corrected. It’s a *Shark*

  2. insaneium1

    What a price! I have one of these and don’t have a gun to put this on but am still pretty tempted.

  3. mcmaxxious

    I bought one for Black Friday from joebob at $247.99 no tax, free shipping. I was pretty happy with that until you have now just shit all over it.

  4. bakel5

    With tax $242

  5. darkcity9620

    Thanks OP! $236.49 shipped to FL… couldn’t resist at that price.

  6. Chandler2873

    Dang there goes more of my money! I just bought the last Sig Romeo5 deal that was less than $100 shipped, but this is the optic I was wanting for my CZ Scorpion build.

  7. C_Does

    [Lowest price I’ve seen on these.](https://youtu.be/YWMHgCIBwc0)

    I’d hazard a guess thay Holosun is trying to move inventory for some new items coming to market.

  8. KaiForceOne

    Bought it for my future Steyr Aug.

  9. big_aug

    $235 shipped with tax. I went back a couple years in Gundeals posts for the 510c and didn’t find anything that cheap.

  10. buttholecrusties

    With tax, I swept it up for $233! 100 bucks cheaper than I paid for my last one. Thank you r/gundeals

  11. eclipsedrambler


  12. 3ambino

    237 for me 😬 i want to so bad

  13. evanr821

    Wow. I bought one yesterday at $250 and thought that was a BIN price. No ragrets

  14. Subsinuous

    Phenomenal deal! This is my favorite red dot sight even over my EOTech 512.

  15. bi-nary

    $241 shipped to me… Tax kind of ruins it.

  16. texrygo

    $237 shipped to Texas. Thanks OP!

  17. rapitrone

    Bummed I missed this.

  18. ebolamonkey3

    Is this too big for a Glock 19?

  19. vicinadp

    God dammit I paid $250 yesterday

  20. BearCantCatchCat

    Is this seller g2g?

  21. osirhc

    This is pre pandemic pricing! I bought my first 510c for about this price in 2019. Shit I don’t have an immediate need for one more but I’m tempted at this price


    I copped one even though I don’t have a gun for it yet 😂 I already have 2 of them

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  24. [deleted]


  25. minor_minority


  26. Chandler2873

    $233 shipped for me to Kentucky. My CZ Scorpion has been spoiled lately. My wallet on the other hand…

  27. osnap32

    Oos fuuudge

  28. twatingham

    Oos. Bastards

  29. Zephyr4813

    Sad about it being OOS 🙁

    Was going to get it for my future first AR15

  30. swaggy_senpai79

    My god

  31. tnhellbilly

    Bot oos

  32. thrashbang

    Bot oos

  33. BraveDrew

    Damn I’d have jumped on this

  34. b20vteg

    $237 after taxes for me – replacing the trs-25 I got last week for my AK 🤩

  35. CourtZebra

    This is a crazy good deal

  36. Raiden571

    Damn, i missed out

  37. Str_

    Stupid question, but what separates red dots at this price vs the $50 ones?

  38. ATF0PenUp

    Clearing house for the upcoming new ones

  39. Limp-Quail

    For me it is better to get 507c it works on both pistol and rifle

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