[Optic] Holosun 510C-GR Elite Green Dot $275 shipped

[Optic] Holosun 510C-GR Elite Green Dot $275 shipped


[Optic] Holosun 510C-GR Elite Green Dot $275 shipped

15 reviews for [Optic] Holosun 510C-GR Elite Green Dot $275 shipped

  1. DrKDB

    Lowest price I’ve seen in a long time. Moving sale 10% off wholesale pricing + additional 5% off holosun.

    15 in stock.

  2. ErrlWorx556

    Dang, I wonder what’s coming down the pipeline. Updated 510CGR?

  3. MikeVita4

    $274.51 shipped, hell of a price, in for one

  4. VLDMRT84

    Damn paid $340 for one last year. In for one for my Dad.

  5. WhiteCoats1

    Ouch, bought one for 296 couple days ago

  6. WarriorBC

    In for one thanks

  7. dsg85gt

    Wow I paid $295 for one a couple weeks ago for a gun I don’t even have yet just because I thought that was a great price

  8. Vinsight_

    Not mad i paid $290 for one. Not a bad optic at all

  9. KatoLee3

    Tax kind of killed it. $301 to WA. Still hell of a deal for those in need of one! Was able to get one at $285 total about a week and a half ago so this is comparable.

  10. ToughStrain

    Definitely seeing $320 even with discounts

  11. bobsburner1

    Damn, everyone blowing these out this last week or so.

  12. Extension-Category99

    How are these compared to a eotech

  13. playboyclic

    Sold out

  14. DrKDB

    Bot OOS

  15. preludachris8

    Why is it “Elite”

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