[Optic] Holosun 407k GR X2 Green Dot $204.57 with Code “Toboggan” /Free USPS Priority Mail for orders over $100/ No tax (Except Idaho)/More deals in the comments

[Optic] Holosun 407k GR X2 Green Dot $204.57 with Code “Toboggan” /Free USPS Priority Mail for orders over $100/ No tax (Except Idaho)/More deals in the comments


[Optic] Holosun 407k GR X2 Green Dot $204.57 with Code “Toboggan” /Free USPS Priority Mail for orders over $100/ No tax (Except Idaho)/More deals in the comments

32 reviews for [Optic] Holosun 407k GR X2 Green Dot $204.57 with Code “Toboggan” /Free USPS Priority Mail for orders over $100/ No tax (Except Idaho)/More deals in the comments

  1. Sgt_Sodomy

    Now, you want this young man to live, you’re gonna have to gimme some aspirin, a roll of duct tape, a bag of peanuts, and four beers.

  2. saintmantooth70

    Would you all accept payment in eggs and boiled denim??

  3. Life-Initiative3198

    My order from 1-3-22 was mis-delivered by USPS, i never got it. I know its not Mantis’s fault, my local post office admitted it was mis-delivered and tried to retrieve it but have been unable to. They told me to file a claim on USPS.com and hope to get $100 back since it was priority. Am I out the other $100 or is there some other shipping insurance?

  4. k0nfuze

    This vendor is great! Fast shipping & packaged well! What a deal!! This guy fucks!

  5. Agentbolt

    This seller FUCKS, you guys. This conversation I had with him earlier in the month tells you all that you need to know about how good their service is – https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/rp9t7f/comment/hr6uz2t/

  6. TallyCrafted

    Ordered the 407k red dot $183.70 shipped, been waiting for a deal like this! My 365XL will be happy.
    Anyone want to buy a Romeo Zero?

  7. Mantis-Solutions-USA

    All orders over $100 ship free with USPS Priority Mail same day or next day and I ship 7 days a week (most orders arrive in 2-4 days). Around the clock customer support, live inventory, and no drop shipping. My discount codes were getting out of hand as inventory has grown so I’ve simplified with a single discount code.

    Code: **Toboggan** for **16.5%** off most of the site


    In stock: HM3x Magnifier,403C+HM3x Combo, 407k X2 Red and Green, 407C X2 red and Green, 507K in Green (handful left), 507C X2 Red (only 1) and Green, 508T Red and Green, 509T X2 Red, 510C Red and Green, 515GM Red and Green, 512C Red. AEMS should be coming soon, 509T X2 Greens coming in on Tuesday and more 507C Reds coming in later in the week. Might be able to snag a few more 507K’s in green later in the week as well.


    One Vudu 1-6 with SR3 (5.56mm BDC) left. Still waiting on getting more G43’s and G45’s in (no ETA but hopefully soon).

    **Blue Force Gear Slings**

    I have a few in FDE, Black and MC left. More coming Tuesday.

    **Cloud Defensive**

    Restock of Cloud Defensive Rein Kits in all variations soon. Can’t wait for the handheld and pistol mounted light this year! I will be getting a bunch upon release. The handhelds should be available soon.


    Only a few raptors and talons left in black.

    Contact me with any questions!

  8. MSpeedAddict

    Snagged, Ty!

  9. ginjaninja3223

    Great comms, prices, and selection, buy with confidence

  10. millencolin43

    As an Always Sunny fan, I appreciate the company being named Mantis and using Toboggan as a code

  11. INeedHookersAndBlow

    In for one thanks so much

  12. Limp-Quail

    Circle and dot?

  13. buttholecrusties

    In for a 3x magnifier! Thanks!

  14. Vibez_127

    Solid Vendor! Got my 508T fast…

    You getting that new new closed emitter with the k footprint?

  15. bakel5

    In for radian safety selector and raptor for $116 shipped!thanks brother!

  16. doubleUTF

    has there/when will there be a sale on AEMS green dot?

  17. Brainoad78

    Besides that model what other model do you get $100 off with the code Toboggan?

  18. Supasnail

    In for one, good stuff, adding you to list of regulars.

  19. XPBCCHb8EP

    Thanks. In for one.

  20. Mantis-Solutions-USA

    A few items are starting to go OOS, I’m restocking a lot of this below Tuesday. Feel free to DM me if what you’re looking for is gone and I can let you know when it’s coming in. Thanks for the orders!

  21. intensetbug

    Man! Only if you had the 507k in stock with the discount code

  22. MamboS0n

    Anyone other than Primary Arms and Opticsplanet carry the 507c with the Vulcan ACSS green reticle?

  23. minor_minority


  24. maybe-rhino4667

    Awesome thanks man

  25. jacegarfieldisabitch

    In for one. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  26. DryLychee4058

    Ordered one


    This compatible with the hellcat, yes?

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  29. [deleted]


  30. hamoodie052612

    Sick. Thanks.

  31. Eleet007

    Anyone have any experience running a 507k or even 407k on 45 offset on AR platform?

  32. Infamous_Translator

    Fuck idaho

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