[OPTIC] EOTech G45 5x Magnifier $543.15 + Tax & Shipping

[OPTIC] EOTech G45 5x Magnifier $543.15 + Tax & Shipping


[OPTIC] EOTech G45 5x Magnifier $543.15 + Tax & Shipping

16 reviews for [OPTIC] EOTech G45 5x Magnifier $543.15 + Tax & Shipping

  1. gumby36psi

    God need to uninstall this app

  2. Intellectualizer

    Click on “Text Me My Price”

  3. PandaCatGunner

    Is this worth all my chrimus money?

  4. Z_0_Sick


  5. Den_Standiga_Resan

    I would love an FDE version of the 5X….

  6. joseph-1998-XO

    Better than aim points 6x magnifier that’s like 1k and as long as an LPVO

  7. crunkymonky

    I hate myself, literally paid $100 more for one from Brownells a week ago and that’s after their discount….

  8. feriz_

    This or the G43? I want my for my Canebrake with the EXPS2 but due to limited rail space am leaning towards the G43.

  9. puregentleman1911

    Worth every penny…I wish exps3-0 got this low. Would grab it for a future build for sure

  10. Intellectualizer

    Bot OOS

  11. SwissJavaKnife

    I backordered, and was not eligible for free shipping to GA, and they charged sales tax. I think this is still BIN though.
    Order Total:$591.03

  12. cmorgan145

    I had to send mine in to eotech, the hinge flexes a ton, will lose zero just by bumping it. They are made in china and assembled in the US now. Even the logo printed looks like shit.

  13. -MolonLabe-

    Saved again by all you lightning-fast degenerates!

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  15. [deleted]


  16. -leadStandard-

    Wow! already got a shipping confirmation!

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