[Optic] DEMO Holosun HE510C-gr GREEN Dot Sight – $290 Shipped

[Optic] DEMO Holosun HE510C-gr GREEN Dot Sight – $290 Shipped


[Optic] DEMO Holosun HE510C-gr GREEN Dot Sight – $290 Shipped

21 reviews for [Optic] DEMO Holosun HE510C-gr GREEN Dot Sight – $290 Shipped

  1. chapo28

    The green is amazing. Love this mounted on my MPX. Highly recommend. Seller is GTG as well.

  2. DrKDB

    Upvote for a solid seller and purveyor of all the meme stickers.

  3. Lead-Steel

    Sup sexies 🥵

    https://lead-steel.com/optics/ if you want a brand new unit, check out our combo deals to get an extra value over Holosun’s MAP pricing. 507K + 15rd P365 mag for $290, and Green HE510C + LBUS for $340. Products are in the link above!

    Finally, don’t forget about our new affordable ($40) LBUS back up sights. They’re freaking awesome and well worth the money! https://lead-steel.com/low-profile-sight-set/

    As always, free shipping over $60. Thanks for the continued support 🙂

  4. KatoLee3

    Placed an order this morning for this. Base off of comments and seller’s interactions with buyers, I’m confident the seller is gtg. I’m down to support small businesses any day of the week!

  5. paperkeyboard

    I have a red one and I love it. I’m tempted to buy this one, stick it on the same gun as my red dot and zero them to different ranges lol.

  6. LJethroGibbs

    Thanks for posting. In for 1

  7. bobsburner1

    Damn, if I didn’t already have one on each of my ARs I’d be in. Great price

  8. _McGEE

    Great seller! Bought a Holosun 507 a week or two ago and it shipped and was delivered super fast

  9. Enigma_x23

    Have the red on my m92 tactical and green in my galil ace gen 2. Love them both and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

  10. JDWX01

    Bought the Green Elite for a Ruger PC Charger pistol and LOVE IT. I have a slight astigmatism and the green is a bit better than the red.
    The PCC does have a slightly sharp bit of a recoil and the HE510C-gr has taken a 3k rounds with no issues. Pondering another sight just umm, because… haha.

  11. Step8_freedom

    Nice find, in for one!

  12. makeitgobang

    How demo are these? Like ‘demo’ because of selling rules or some heavy use? Blink once for ‘demo’

  13. chantdownbabylon

    This is why we r/gundeals. Thanks!

  14. b-to-the-ronson

    Thanks for posting….in for a couple…

  15. vince85t03

    In for 1. Thanks man, love the grip and stock also. Up to 2 of each

  16. Csenior10

    All sold out? Said my card was declined so unless your processing payments overseas or sold out, there would be no reason it would decline

  17. TheTbone80

    In for one with the LBUS too😎

  18. That1usernam3

    Still in stock?

    When I order, it charges my card and immediately cancels the order. I’ve tried 2 different cards.

  19. theclevelander

    In for 1

  20. [deleted]


  21. PDX_-Mike-_

    Quick question on the demo units. Do they still come with full factory warranty?

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