[Optic] Bushnell TRS-25 & Hoppe’s .22/.223 Cal. Viper Boresnake Bundle | $71.99 Shipped

[Optic] Bushnell TRS-25 & Hoppe’s .22/.223 Cal. Viper Boresnake Bundle | $71.99 Shipped


[Optic] Bushnell TRS-25 & Hoppe’s .22/.223 Cal. Viper Boresnake Bundle | $71.99 Shipped

8 reviews for [Optic] Bushnell TRS-25 & Hoppe’s .22/.223 Cal. Viper Boresnake Bundle | $71.99 Shipped

  1. eygrimur

    I use this on my M&M M10 7.62×39 and it hasn’t lost zero yet (about 600 or so rounds later). It’s a place holder but not a bad one at all. Although the first one I got overheated and completely broke, they replaced it for free so that’s nice

  2. Bushnell_Social_guy

    There’s a 24-hour Flash Sale going on at Bushnell.com, Hoppes.com, Butlercreek.com, Weaveroptics.com, & Championtarget.com. It ends tonight at midnight, CST.

    This TRS-25 is on a bundle promo where you get a .224″ cal. Boresnake with purchase, and it’s on the flash sale for an additional 10% bringing it down to $71.99.

    The TRS-26 is also running the same deal but the total is brought down to $125.99 https://www.bushnell.com/red-dots/ar-optics/ar-optics-trs-26-red-dot-sight/BU-AR71XRD.html

    The AR Optic 4.5-18×40 Multi-Turrets are also on a ‘get with purchase’ promo of a free mount, both the illuminated and non-illuminated.
    Non-Illuminated: https://www.bushnell.com/riflescopes/ar-optics/ar-optics-4.5-18×40-multi-turret-riflescope/BU-AR741840E.html
    Illuminated: https://www.bushnell.com/riflescopes/ar-optics/ar-optics-4.5-18×40-riflescope-illuminated-multi-turret/BU-AR741840EI.html

    Bottom line is there’s a bunch of stuff on this flash sale. The stuff that’s excluded is anything that’s MAP. And yes, it also applies to VIP.

    Shout with questions and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.

  3. Snoo-13577

    This is a pretty decent price. I got my TRS-25 for like $50 on an Amazon flash sale last year. But there’s since been some problems with which gen/model you get. One is better than the other, and iirc could only be differentiated by the color of the font on the optic. It works well on my 10/22 without issue, but i haven’t worked up the nerve to try it on an AR yet.

  4. cz97

    in for a TRS-26

  5. cakan4444

    Pricing this basically at the same price as a Romeo MSR and almost a Romeo 5 is criminal. This is a $45 optic and it’s about all it’s worth.

    I bought one at $45 last year before covid hit and sold it. Not being shake awake is a big factor for me now

  6. poinanipounder

    Is this a good for an SR-15?

  7. millerfootball57

    I have one on a JTS M12AK and it does the trick. Hasn’t lost zero and it works well enough through quite a few mag dumps

  8. E36wheelman

    Mil discount price is $50+tax, shipped. That’s an insta-buy for me.

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