[Optic] Aimpoint Comp M5S, $812.62, add to cart for price

[Optic] Aimpoint Comp M5S, $812.62, add to cart for price


[Optic] Aimpoint Comp M5S, $812.62, add to cart for price

5 reviews for [Optic] Aimpoint Comp M5S, $812.62, add to cart for price

  1. cellularresp

    Not a bad price for this item but I really don’t like my Comp M5S. Like every other Aimpoint product there are WAAAAY too may NV settings and only the highest two settings are actually usable in most daytime conditions, and thats being generous as the highest level’s bloom is ridiculous. One down from the highest you get this red ring around the lens that’s distracting, and one below that is usable only indoors or in dusk/dawn outside.

    Why does Aimpoint keep doing this?

  2. SourLemonSeed

    What mount would give me a Lower 1/3 with this? I know the M5s sit a little higher than a standard m5

  3. MURTEK3

    This is overkill for most of us but about as good as it gets. Operator approved.

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  5. wundernine

    Better price than LE direct and distributor

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