[Optic] Aimpoint Comp M4s (no mount, in cardboard box) $679 in cart

[Optic] Aimpoint Comp M4s (no mount, in cardboard box) $679 in cart


[Optic] Aimpoint Comp M4s (no mount, in cardboard box) $679 in cart

8 reviews for [Optic] Aimpoint Comp M4s (no mount, in cardboard box) $679 in cart

  1. Enterprise5

    These typically come with very nice mounts and spacers. That’s going to be a pricey addition if a buyer does not already have them. The M4 aimpoints were top-of-the class when introduced in 2007 (2008 for the M4s) and they are still outstanding for clarity, durability, and battery life. But, there are so many newer red dots that are lighter, smaller, durable, with long-lasting batteries. Oh, and much cheaper!

  2. Vagitarian-Diet

    Free 2 day shipping as well

  3. TittieButt

    damn, holding out for the model that comes in a plastic package. I cannot with good conscience support the use of cardboard boxes.

  4. osprey1349

    I have two PROs and two T2s. Besides all the durability, battery, etc, is there any major difference in clarity or picture over the PRO or is the M4s just a more rugged design?

  5. TaskForceD00mer

    This or the UH-1 Gen 2.

  6. Veetordik

    I’d be open to selling the OEM mount with the knob if someone’s interested. Got 60+ flair on GAFS. I’ll be getting my ADM mount this week.

  7. TacticalCubicle

    Is this BIN?

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